Where Are You This Tuesday 092909

Heck, I’m not sure where I am exactly but I was in France for awhile and now I’m in America trying to figure out how to insert myself into that house and make Ms Haze aware of the predator living under her roof and to make sure she keeps that kid of hers away from that creepy man!

Which is why I am ‘unplugging’ RIGHT NOW and getting back to the book.

Thank you RaiderGirl at An Adventure in Reading for hosting this meme.


8 thoughts on “Where Are You This Tuesday 092909

  1. I just have to tell you I spent HOURS writing my Lolita post. HOURS! I never spend that much time on a post. And it doesn’t even say that much.

    I think Lolita might need to be a yearly event.

    1. WHAT?!??!?! Read it again?
      I think I’m only on page 66 and I feel I need to re read some of it. I wish I hadn’t had to put it down for a few days. like, where ARE we again? What was big Haze’s first name?! I can’t remember anything.

    1. no, it’s not that long in terms of pages; it’s 300. The wordplay, the language is what people say is riveting. I think. I can’t yet wrap my head about what makes it so interesting – the language, I mean.

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