False Witness

Review  False Witness new sm False Witness by Anita Rodgers, ireadiwrite Publishing 2009, 267 pages

MOTIVATION for READING:    I currently enjoy the author’s blog and count her as a friend.      Visit her blog:  Writer Chick Talks. So when she announced her debut novel as PUBLISHED!  I rushed to get a copy.   This is my first ebook.

WHAT it’s ABOUT:    False Witness is a mystery that revolves around an older murder mystery;  we are introduced to the case by way of a college classroom discussing the long ago crime and whether or not the defendant was really guilty despite an acquittal.    One of the students, Billy, who has been obsessed with this particular case is furious that most of the class, including the professor, doesn’t agree with his theory.    So he accepts a dare to find out ‘what really happened’.   He drags his girlfriend along on the adventure and mayhem & hijinks occur.   Well, not quite mayhem & hijinks but somehow that sentence just flowed out of my typing fingers.

First stop is a meeting with the now retired detective, then some shady characters are introduced and puzzle pieces start to fit together for the protagonist.   Sort of.    A few other clues are tipped off to the reader and some others are figured out by the girlfriend.    Our boy eventually gets involved with the murderess (or is she?) to his possible peril, and….   You’ll just have to read it to find out.

I was hooked and had to keep reading even though I was disappointed with myself for assuming that I had guessed some of the developments as it progressed – by design, I eventually find out.   It’s a fun story with characters playing mis-identities but it was cool how the author trumped me when I thought I had it figured out and then it was revealed as it unfolded and not just as a big aha!

Rodgers writes great descriptions of people and place.   The dialogue between characters is very believable which adds to the fast pace.

WHAT’s NOT so GOOD:    A few typos?    actually just two.    (I’ll email them to you, Annie!)   so perhaps a tighter effort on editing?      I didn’t like the girlfriend very much and was not sure if I should trust her or not because my image of her and her ultimate actions didn’t quite ring true.    But that could have been ‘me’.

I offer my congratulations to the author for a fun story that kept me guessing even as I thought I guessed it all!



On the topic of ebooks…     I read this on my laptop and whatever epub-reader I have on my Mac would freeze on a page and I had to unstuck it often.   It wouldn’t accept my down-arrow-key to move to the next page after so many pages – that bugged me.   Also, the bookmark function didn’t work so I just had to remember what page I was on when I exited the program.   I have no idea what that was about but it was annoying, too.     I really prefer carrying a physical book and using a nice pretty bookmark than reading novels on my computer.    I’m sure this is a function of my particular reading software but I’m in no hurry to try another ebook (until I get a Kindle?!)


13 thoughts on “False Witness

  1. Hey Care,
    Thanks! What nice review. Sorry you didn’t like Suz and a little surprised but maybe you wanted Billy to yourself. LOL. I really appreciate the pie slices too – what kind are we having?

    As to the reader, I don’t know what to say – I guess the technology has to catch up a bit more with the trend, eh?

    Thanks again for buying the book, reading the book and doing the review – you’re great.


  2. I keep saying ‘Until I get a Kindle’ or a Sony Reader in my case, someday I will.

    I like the summary and the title of the book. The best part is I don’t notice that many typos or grammatical errors in a book, that is supposed to be good right?

  3. So this book is only available in e-form? 😦 Sounds like one I might enjoy, but I have to admit that I just can’t seem to move into the 21st century. I just can’t curl up nearly so comfy-cozy with my laptop as I can with a paper&ink book.

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