BBAW Day 1 Spotlighting

Book Bloggers — I appreciate YOU!


Just a few of my top favorite blogs that DIDN’T get shortlisted are as follows:

For Most Eclectic – Nancy at Book Fool – I love Nancy’s “Wahoos” and self interviews and just the VARIETY of books she talks about is amazing.     I especially love her comments in response to comments – the posts are often fun to read, but the CONVERSATIONS can often be the icing on the cake!   (or is it meringue to my pie?)

For Best General Review – LitLove at Tales from the Reading Room – I can’t say enough about how awesome I think this blog is and the wonderful blogger who blogs it.      If you have read The Time Traveler’s Wife, read this.   I think it’s one of the best reviews ever.

For Best CommentatorViolet at Violet Crush I applaud Violet’s insights, kind words, thoughtful comments and sharing of her time to visit me and to respond to my comments.   She reads a wide variety of books, too, and plenty of memoirs.   AND, of course, her blog is my favorite color…

Really, I appreciate all of you.   Really, I do!   Thanks so much for visiting.   Have a piece of pie.    pierating2

Happy BBAW Everyone!   Celebrating books and the people who love books and the people who brave the internet to talk about books and the people who love books…


9 thoughts on “BBAW Day 1 Spotlighting

  1. Thank you so very much for giving me a mention, Care, and for TTTW, which was fun to write about! You remain right up the top of my list of the kindest and most generous bloggers ever!

  2. Aw, thank you, Care! I love your blog and yourself bunches, too. We’ve got to get together for some real-life pie. I’m thinking lemon meringue. What flavor would you choose?

    I must check out Violet’s blog. I’m not sure if I’ve visited LitLove, either. Better find out about that, too. Oh, boy! More fun blog-peeking!!

  3. happy wed, Care! and thanks for intro-ing two new BBs! (already a LITLOVE reader). New blogs ARE one of the great things about BBAW, seeing and “meeting” writing readers that otherwise I might not have found.

    And pie…now I feel like making one…

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