VOTE! and write letters…

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Let’s talk about real life, shall we?

nah, let’s not…




Hey Care, what the heck are you trying to do here? Well, Reader, I’m not sure….    OK. let me attempt.                As I type this, I’m watching and listening to President Obama talk about Health Care – an issue I want to support:   universal health care.     I get it.   And I don’t.    oh boy…

So.    My goal is to write letters to my congresspeople, my leaders, my “MY” politicians and talk to them about what is important to me.  I encourage YOU to do the same.     I don’t intend to sway you to my point of view but only want you to not give up on the process.   Don’t say it’s fruitless and give up.   BUT ALSO!!   Don’t have a rigid opinion and hysterical response to all this crap and get nervous.    and/or, don’t ignore it.    I invite you to jump into the dialogue and get involved.   And I do this invitation to myself – I’m talking to myself here.    I invite everyone to get involved and to CARE about each and every one.

Thank you.

CARE  enough.    ah heck, I don’t know!   just                 care.




On a back to BBAW note…  THANK YOU, YOU.   Thank YOU, Dear Reader, for nominating me for most humorous blog.   Um, I apologize for letting you down, perhaps – I didn’t even REALIZE that I had been nominated because the notice to me was trapped in my spam-blocker and I didn’t see it until a few days ago (meaning that I missed the deadline to respond and send in my top 5 funny blog posts – oops!) and. WOW.   ReAlLy!! Thank you!   I don’t think I am ‘funny’ but I do have fun with my blog and whoeveritwas that nom’d me, thank you. Thank you for laughing with me and enjoying life.   YOU ROCK.    Thank you to whomeveritwas that nom’d me for best commentor (or commenter or commentator!) – it’s awesome.    Thank you.  🙂

Be. BE involved, respect RESPECT and love.   Love and fear cannot occupy the same space.   Pick which you wish to have in your heart.


(and if you asked me which politician I would most want to share a beer with?   BIDEN!  for sure…    I’ll probably say so in my letter to him,, too.)


4 thoughts on “VOTE! and write letters…

  1. I’m with you on the health care reform. I don’t know how to make it all work. I know that not everyone will be happy in the end and no one is going to get everything they want. But something has to be done.

    No one should have to declare bankruptcy because of a medical issue. No one should lose their health insurance because their employer can no longer afford to offer it. No one should be without health care.

  2. I confess: I didn’t watch the health care speech. I cannot stand watching all the people in the audience leap up and applaud at every thing that comes out of the President’s mouth, even when I agree with a lot of what he’s saying. Blech. Sycophantic much, standing ovation people? But I am looking forward to reading a transcript of it – and seriously, this country has to come together and provide real healthcare to the poor.

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