Please Excuse the Mess/Absence

I  really really REALLY want to support BBAW (Book Blogger Appreciation Week – pls notice button in right sidebar) and so I sent off an email to Amy – you all DO know Amy, right?! – asking if I could help.

Did you hear that – as far as I recall – that the participation is over 1200+ book blogs!?       Um, yea.   how many do you follow? impossible!

I didn’t really want to do an interview;  I don’t really know why exactly, but I just didn’t and the only other way at the moment was to do the meme.  BUT… I didn’t participate last year and the meme didn’t make much sense to me.

SO, I fretted that I really wanted to be a part of BBAW and yet didn’t know what to do.    HONESTLY, I didn’t last year because it felt so clique-ish.    (am I spelling that right?)  and I got over myself to realize that it really is a support and celebration of ALL of us diverse crazies who blog almost exclusively about books and so…

Where was I?

So, Amy says, “YES!!  BY GAWD, DO WE NEED HELP!!!”  which isn’t surprising at all, when you think about all the panels that have been set up to judge and you-know-who-all-what-all.

I’m glad to help.   BUT WOW!    the task they gave me has given me a TOTAL new appreciation.

I’ll be busy.     Excuse me if I’m not twittering off about nothingness and visiting your blogs.   I’m out reading blogs I’ve never heard of before (so far = extremely impressed) and rating them harshly and then ever-so-sensitively and wrestling with the GOAL of how awesome it is that we all support and get along.     Be nice, be impressed, be critical!?

I love book readers.   I so appreciate the warmth I’ve been received here.

so, if you miss me – I’m doing me duty to the book blogging community and I will see you sometime next week.

I do hope to interject with a review of My Father’s Paradise by Ariel Sabar (Violet! what a sweet book!   I’m almost done.)  maybe next week or tomorrow.  who knows…

anyone else a bit overwhelmed with their bbaw responsibilities?   or in awe of all those helping out???   stand up. anyone extremely glad (like I am) that I was NOT nominated to be judged?!    ha. (ok Nymeth – I really hope you’re  laughing.)

And….   I don’t really remember who all I nominated for stuff but I wish (maybe I did!)  I had nominated Bybee for best commenter because she makes me laugh!   And we both lived in Sedalia MO once  – tho, I don’t think at the same time  but I count her as a kindred spirit.   ya know… if you take away her books, she’s naked.   EEKS!


34 thoughts on “Please Excuse the Mess/Absence

  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I warned you!!!!!

    I’m sorry BBAW seemed cliquish, that’s the second time I’ve heard that in two days. I don’t know what else do to do to show it’s pretty much one big lovefest for any and all book bloggers! 🙂

  2. I’m NOT laughing, Care! *whispers* I am judging too, and fretting and worrying way too much about being 100% fair and driving myself NUTS. If you want anyone to fret with/vent to, you know where to find me 😛

  3. historyofshe

    I feel ya! I’m helping my housemate, Lu, with her committee and all I can think is WOW. There’s like a million spreadsheets with a million blogs for just one category.

    It’ll be worth it though, 🙂

  4. I can imagine how busy and how much hard work you guys have to put in for this huge event!!! I just want to say I’m in awe and very impressed!

    To Amy and all the volunteers: Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  5. 1200+??? I can’t believe there’s that many of us, let alone that many actually participating! I’m sure I can’t have heard of more than, say, 500 or so. This is going to be quite a week! I have a feeling that my Google Reader is going to end up exploding! And that the exclamation point key on my keyboard is going to bite the dust any second now!!!

    And, jeez, I definitely don’t envy the judging jobs. Seems like it would be quite a hard task – hope it’s rewarding, too! 🙂

  6. I sent an email to Amy too, but she never responded, oh well.
    Judging would be a very painful job indeed, but it’s so cool that you’re helping out 🙂

    Can’t wait to read your review, whenever you decide to post it 🙂

  7. I’m on one panel, and I hear you! I think it’s something like 420 blog posts I have to read, but I’m finding blogs I didn’t know existed before, and I’m enjoying it. It’s time consuming but fun. Just back away from the computer for a bit if you feel frazzled. That’s what I’ve been doing.


  8. I know! I’m chairing two panels and judging one other panel and I’m cringing thinking about how I haven’t started going through them all yet. It will be a weekend project. She (housemate above) and I will be working extra hard on Saturday and Sunday I think.

  9. Violet, I hope you don’t think I was intentionally ignoring you! Care’s email came just when someone had to back out of panel duties. There’s a lot to be done, but sometimes I have to sit back and figure out how best to split it up.

    1. oh no, I would never think that. I just figured you were very busy and juggling a lot already. It sure can be overwhelming. You are doing an awesome job though 🙂

  10. 1200 blogs? Wow! I am very impressed.

    Keep up the good work – I am really looking forward to discovering all those great new blogs myself!

    I bought My Father’s Paradise at Violet’s recommendation too. I haven’t started it yet, but am pleased to hear you are enjoying it. I look forward to reading your review.

  11. LOL!! Yes, I had a few BBAW jobs too because I knew Amy needed help. And the amount and diversity of blogs is astounding! It is amazingly inclusive.

    I too put blog reading aside for almost a week.

  12. Enjoy and think of all the blogs you’re finding and can return to and I have yet to figure out why there’s just not a book blog convention and everything can be handled there and we can all meet and greet and swap URLs and give it definition so our friends and family won’t wonder what the heck are these people doing on their laptops all the time!!!!

    BTW, left this link in your comment as my reply on my blog, about the bees, though you don’t have time to read it now. but it’s an awesome article and explains EVERYTHING.

    ‘later, Oh

  13. Hi Care,
    Thanks for your comment and help with linking my name to my site. I *think* I did it correctly. 🙂

    Good luck with your BBAW work! I’m sure you’ll find lots of amazing blogs during all your reviewing.


  14. Well, now that I’m back from my week with Hubby, I miss you. 1200 blogs???? Whoa!!!

    I just read Enthusiasm, over the weekend, and you were right. I LOVED it!!! What a nice bit of fluffy fun. I haven’t reviewed it, yet, but thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it with me!!!

    1. Nancy, I’m so glad! I just knew it. Are you participating in the Everything Austen Challenge? We should get the word out to the group about this book, doncha think?

  15. I knew there were many, but 1200?

    I really think you should be excused from your other blog duties for some time! I think it is great that some bloggers do so much for the community, and as this is my first BBAW, I am so curious to see what is going to happen.

  16. I didn’t have time to miss you, because I was working on my two panels! It’s so exciting to have so many book bloggers involved in BBAW this year … all the effort will help us have a great week.

    I’m working on my GR this morning, but I’m ready to “mark all read” at the end of the day tomorrow, and start with a fresh slate.

    As for my own blog posts, yesterday was the first day in ages that I didn’t have a post scheduled. Laptop burnout.

    Deep breath. Go read a book. Or have some pie. Or both! 🙂

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