Emotional Reader

I have turned into the official librarian for my neighborhood.     The next door lady, a mother of three boys  of ages 6, 8 and 10, returned to me a brand new copy of a book as well as a literally dog-eared (as in their new German Shepherd puppy chewed on my autographed copy) Still Alice by Lisa Genova and asked, “May I have another book, please?”

Warning:  dog eats books
Warning: dog eats books

She loved Still Alice and also mentioned that another book I gave her was just as great,  Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper.

I invited her over to look at books I have stacked here there and everywhere but I got impatient waiting for her, so I delivered a stack for her to choose from.     The reason I took this photo is so I have a record of what I gave her and when.     Now that I type this and think about what I did, I’m hoping she puts them on a high shelf… oh well!


She immediately picked The Book Thief because it was the one on top when I presented them.    I asked if she wanted to know what it was about and she said,

“Nope.    Did you like it?”

“Yes, one of the best I’ve read this year.”

“Then I trust you.     Everything you’ve given me, I’ve liked.”

“uh, ok.   Are you sure?”

“Yep, although…     You do tend to read very emotional books.”

Do I?   or is it only those FEW books that I’ve given her.    I hadn’t thought of my reading like that.    I can list a few non-emotionally-charged books, like Mauve and maybe Thunderstruck, certainly The Day the World Ended – it didn’t make me cry.     All of these are nonfiction.

It just struck me funny, the blanket assessment of what I read based on two books I’ve shared.   And really, can you look at this list and ASSUME what kind of reader I am?    I think it shows a huge variety!

I’m really wondering what she’ll think of The Book Thief or if she caves to the stack, reads through the back covers and selects something else.


17 thoughts on “Emotional Reader

  1. I can’t believe she’s asking for another book after returning one that her dog chewed on. I have a friend who calls me for books that she can’t find at the library. I keep asking her if she’d like to do a guest review and she says, “nope, I just want to read the books.”

  2. That book stack certainly shows a huge variety! You might want to tell her something about keeping them away from her dog, lol. I’m shocked at what some people do with books. I lent a friend a book and it came back with tons of dogears and HIGHLIGHTER in it!!! I almost wanted to tell him just to keep it because it was ruined, lol. BUt I just smiled and took it back.

  3. glendasikes

    Wow, I can’t believe she didn’t replace the chewed-on book. Some people just don’t value books. That’s awfully nice of you to loan her more.

    The Book Thief is not a book I would’ve read if I’d read the back cover first. I read it after several people I know, and whose opinions about books I trust, read it and placed it high on their favorites list. All I knew was “narrated by Death”, which intrigued me plenty. I’m not sure I would’ve read it had I known more details; that said, it *is* one of my favorite books. I’ll be curious to hear if she does read it and what she thinks of it.

  4. Very cute puppy but oh man I would tell that neighbor I had give away all my books! I mean, an autographed copy chewed up? You are a good bookworm 🙂

    And, from that pic alone I’d say you’d read a pretty wide variety of books! It’s so interesting what our reading choices tell others isn’t it?

  5. @BeastMomma: Yes, I do have good taste. I have good taste in bloggers who become FRIENDS! wahoo!

    @Kathy/BermudaOnion and @Lezlie, I tried to write but failed to convey properly that she DID buy me a brand new book of the same title but it was the autographed one that was dog-chewed. It’s not really a big deal to me – actually, I knew I would likely get a lot of OMG! comments! hee hee.

    @Serena sagustocox: Variety is the spice of life. And of course, I didn’t hand her any of my nonfiction choices!

    @Chris: The dog is getting older and wiser – and bigger! every day so I’m sure he’s learned his lesson. With that book from your friend, I probably WOULD have said JUST KEEP IT.

    @Amy: Yea, I didn’t think of it that way – only that she said it about me. I really hope she does read The Book Thief – it’s a doozy of an emotional read!

    @Glenda: oh she did! she bought me a brand new copy (I wrote and rewrote how I would say it – should I edit it again?) it’s just that the dog chewed the SIGNED one! aAAAuuugh. oh well.

    @Iliana: The puppy’s name is Rommel. He’s really quite sweet. Yea, I’m a good neighbor. I’m sure it won’t happen again. I’m such a positive thinker!

  6. Say, can I be your neighbor? I wouldn’t mind (*ahem* I mean – I would love to) read a few of those books. I like “emotional” books, too (LOL!), and I promise I won’t let any of my pets chew on them! 😉

    That is kind of a random generalization, but I guess if only had to go off the, oh, three books you’ve had her borrow, I’d maybe have to agree.

  7. glendasikes

    Ohhhh, okay — I went back and reread and now I get it! That was kind of her to replace it :), but yikes! that it was your autographed copy that served as a puppy teething ring. (But, dang, that is One Cute Puppy!!)

  8. That is one cute pup. You can tell he’s going to get huge, though! And I wouldn’t be so eager to lend his owner any more books!

    I like the variety in your stack. I’ve only read three of these books but there are several there that I plan to read, someday. And ‘part time Indian’ is one I’m thinking of buying for my 11 year old, who reads about a book a day. Do you think it’s ok for a kid her age?

  9. Hmmm…that’s interesting. Your stack is definitely mixed. I don’t think 2 books can say anything about what kind of books you read.

    I once read Diary of Anne Frank and Not without my daughter consequtively in the company bus and the lady who usually sat next to me said, ‘I can see that you like reading about opressed people’.

  10. Definitely shows a lot of variety! But the emotionally charged thing doesn’t sound like a suggestion that your reading isn’t varied. I think most of the books that I love best pack an emotional punch – that’s one reason I love my favorite books so much, because they resonate with me.

  11. Yep, I got tears in my eyes looking at your books. No really…emotional is not the word I’d use to describe your stack, which was beautiful. I’m sure the dog would agree.

  12. Funny story. I would not have left a stack of books that big if I got one back that was chewed on by a dog!

    My best friend Jess lives in MN, but every time she comes to visit I send her home with a stack of books to read. More recently, I think I sent her The Post Birthday World and a nonfiction book about working women. She only has time to read in the summer though, so I expect I’ll get them back soon.

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