Please Welcome New Book Blogger!

So I told you about my wonderful book club – now you get to meet one of the members!    Please welcome a friend who has decided to focus her blogging to be all about books (and likely other stuff, too.)

KB of True Confessions of an English Teacher

Please click on her blog name and visit her and show her what the Book Blogging Community is all about.   It’s the best!   We need to tell her about BBAW (I received a nom, by the way, thank you) and Weekly Geeks and challenges and the Read-A-Thon and…    So fun.


7 thoughts on “Please Welcome New Book Blogger!

  1. Maybe we should break her in slowly–we don’t want to scare her off! If she finds out too soon how addictive this can be, she may never forgive you!

  2. Oh, you didn’t!! LOL I feel like a debutant at her coming out party!!!!!!

    For the new readers, the blog was originally started as a teaching blog…so please forgive my first few posts!!

  3. It was really funny to read about her teaching experiences as I met my own new class ten days ago: 29 unknown cards. I have already sussed that the punker is intelligent and probably really sweet, but what about the other 28? One of them lived in Australia for three years, and I think she thinks she knows everything about the English language … and so on. Usually I end up liking 99.9 % of them though, and why should this class be different? 😀

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