Rays of Sunshine

Just when you need it most, a post by one of your favorite bloggers will touch on something that stops you cold and makes you think.

Here’s what LitLove says in her thoughtful post on Suffering and Enlightenment:

In work, the key is to extract the maximum pleasure out of accomplishing the task. Whatever else happens is irrelevant. In love, support the people who matter by really listening to them, and teach them gently how to listen to you. With children, love them by learning who they are, not who you wish them to be. When alone be honest with yourself, don’t let yourself off the hook but treat yourself with humour. And if the big storm clouds gather, get help of every possible kind. Knowledge, support, practical care, whatever it takes – that’s what other people are for and it makes them feel good to help you.

Now my petty headgame problems are minor MINOR and appalling to me that I even think them once, let alone DWELL on them frequently:  thoughts of jealousy, sloth and lack of focus — while my life is truly blessing-overheaping.    So I thank LitLove and I thank Nymeth (wink!) and I thank all of you for being you and sharing your energies with the blogosphere.

Have a better than nice day!


8 thoughts on “Rays of Sunshine

  1. Thanks for this – it’s been a bit of a long day, with one thing and another, and it was nice to have such a pleasant post waiting for me in Google Reader.

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