New Books in the House

Any good books new to you and recently added to the pile in your possession?     Lookie at what I’ve got!

I’m a winner-chicken-dinner and I’m over the top excited to say I won Pride & Prejudice AND ZOMBIES!!! by Seth Grahame-Smith.   Thank you to Ceclia Bedelia over at her blog of adventures and her sister, too, who crafted an adorable book mark.    It’s a good thing I begged Stephanie to let me sign up late for her Everything Austen Challenge (not really — she offered; she tells me I’m the 200th person to participate) and I also must give a shout out to my friend Joanne over at Book Zombie – anything with zombies reminds me of this awesome blogger.

I was given three books by my impressive friend KB (I’m trying to get her to start a book blog…) and although I have only read two (and yet to rate any higher than 3 pie slices – which isn’t bad but won’t make my best of list at the end of the year) the third one is pulling strong:    Lost & Found by Jacqueline Sheehan.    I’m on page 100 or so.

and then, last week, I finally made myself go to the library!    and I checked out one book for the World Citizen Challenge:   My Father’s Paradise by Ariel Sabar, and two books for last month’s latest Book Menage at Citizen Reader’s – my vote for best nonfiction blog in the BBAW’s and I’m hoping CR will be a finalist:      Book Blogger Appreciation Week is in September! The Menage featured Population: 485 by Michael Perry and The Father of All Things by Tom Bissell.    This last I’m listening to the audio, a new experience for me and so this will make an excellent future post.   It also qualifies as a World Cit book since half of it is a travelogue through Vietnam.

Today, I was back at the library for my Tuesday Trig Tutoring and decided to glance at the sales carts wondering if a book might jump out and beg me to take it home.    Oh, me of little faith.   I should have known better…    I came home with The History of Love ($2) by Nicole Krause, A Reliable Wife ($3)by Robert Goolrick (please somebody tell me this is because I’ve been reading good reviews?!), Among Schoolchildren by Tracy Kidder (I’m beginning to collect Kidder books) and paperback version of Population: 485!!!    So expect a review soon with grand announcement of a ‘do you want this?’ offering.

I took this photo on my laptop and I don’t know how to flip it so it’s not a mirror of me that you can actually read the titles…  oh well!    A bit too much light, too.

Photo 6


17 thoughts on “New Books in the House

  1. I’m reading “A Reliable Wife” right now and really enjoying it. Although I will forewarn you that it was clearly written by a man–there’s always more talk about you-know-what in a book written by a man! It’s not necessarily inappropriate because the characters are ruled by their passions and lusts.

  2. yay for The History of Love! 😀 I hope you enjoy all your new books, Care! Now that I’m done acquiring books for a while myself, I must get my book-acquiring-joy vicariously through all of you 😛

  3. More books! Yay!!
    I’ve read some mixed reviews on Pride & Prejudice and zombies though, but I’m quite intrigued with the overall premise and the writing style so I shall see about getting the book. I look forward to reading your review soon!

    Happy reading!

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