Weekly Geeks 2009-31 Second Chances

Happy Weekly Geeks!

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My Second Chance book is one I re-read by accident:   Atonement by Ian McEwan.

I don’t usually re-read books.    The few times I have done so on purpose stick out in my mind as ruinous!   I re-read The Chronicles of Narnia and they lost some of their magic from my memories so I was sad I had given them a second look.    oh well.

But with Atonement, I had read it in the 90’s as a book club read and just didn’t recall it at all – what I thought, etc, so it must have been ‘forgettable’.

So when I picked it up last year, I had that dejavu feeling (looked in my notes; sure enough, I had read it once already?!)  but I couldn’t remember how it ended!   I wanted to read it before the movie…    And I happened to love it, the second time around and have begun a bit of a crush on McEwan’s writing style.   I do realize he is somewhat of a love-him-hate-him author so I don’t try to convince anyone that they ‘must read’.

Here’s my not-quite-a-review of Atonement, which (now that I reread that)  is pathetic.

Happy Geeks!!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Geeks 2009-31 Second Chances

  1. Maybe I should reread “Atonement.” I just did not love it. Maybe it was because I had seen the movie first. The movie did such a good job for the first half of following the book that I felt like I was reading the movie.

  2. LOL

    I often re-read novels, and not only because I have to as a teacher. I quite like reading GOOD crime fiction again, and my rotten memory is a good thing because quite often I don´t even remember who done it 😀

  3. I have never read Atonement, maybe one day I’ll give it a shot but somehow I just don’t feel the pull.
    However, I think there might be something in the Moby Dick reading club idea, I’ll have to talk with Trish who came up with it and maybe we can put something together.

  4. verbivore

    I read Atonement for a writing class, so it was less of a “reading” experience as it was a “picking it apart for content, structure and technique” experience. But I remember enjoying it and I’m curious how I would feel about it to reread it now, just letting the story affect me.

  5. i love to read novels i love over and over…there’s something comforting about it.

    now, i’d like to know just how far back your book notes go!! you have notes dating back to the 90s? how much further back did you journal your books and opinions?

    1. I suppose I should try a re-read just to see if I can get over this issue but there are so many books to read! I would much rather watch a movie over and over and over but not books. However, I am curious about some books that I can’t remember if I’ve read or it’s been forever and a day (eg Jane Eyre – did I really read this once or do I just know of the story? same with any Mark Twain!)

      As for my book notes. I have kept a journal off and on since I was 12. I didn’t keep good notes during HS – it was all that “does he like me” crap and not what books I was reading – but post college, I attempted to list every movie I saw and every book I read. few accompanying notes, however – but plenty of ‘words to look up’!

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