Why, Hello August!

I was so goal-oriented in July.   I was focused, I was a book-carrying fool.   I was going to break my record for books read in one month and I did it (at least for 2009) and then what happened?

August showed up.    I’ve read one book so far – ONE!   in 10 days?   oh well…

I have also had a slow blogging month and I realize I have a good excuse:   hosting family requires me NOT to be hiding in the office typing on the computer.    Luckily, it’s MY side of the family and not his.   The in-laws don’t ‘get’ reading like my parents do.    So it’s OK to sit around and read since everyone is reading or watching TV anyway.

So, today, Monday, I have NO ONE HERE.   Hub is off to work, my parents are visiting OTHER family and will be back on Wednesday.   That gives me 2 1/2 days to catch up on blog reading, blog posting, and perhaps, cleaning (ha!)

I’ll be by to visit soon, I hope!     Happy August.

Do you have family that allows you to read while ‘visiting’ (or being visited) or do you have family that think you are RUDE to read?


23 thoughts on “Why, Hello August!

  1. My parents don’t much care when they visit. My dad will be watching Syfy practically the whole time, while mom and I will be reading. LOL Hubby and my brother are usually off to the basketball court or something else, but we will do things together other than sit in the house. It depends on how into our books mom and I are! LOL

  2. Very much depends on the relatives. That’s why I do not love having people come to stay at my place – I always want to curl up on the couch and read, and instead I must Be a Good Hostess. V. exhausting with no reading breaks.

  3. August really does sneak up on you. Don’t feel bad about the lack of reading, I have been in a total funk lately, but I found out why! I am preggers, so that makes me really tired and really sick, but now that I am far enough along, maybe you will see a half decent review or two out of me soon! Anyway, my fam is totally cool with reading, we have all become readers, and mostly we like to sit and relax together, not be on the go all the time…

  4. I love when reading can be worked into the activities and done in the company of others – like spending a relaxing morning reading at a coffee shop, or going to a beach or park and reading in the afternoon. I don’t get to see my relatives often, so when I do, I prefer to spend as much time with them as possible, but I don’t think they mind if I take a bit of time for myself.

    1. I would love to have a friend who could go to a coffee shop and also sit and just read while I do the same. Actually, I do have a friend like that but it’s hard to get schedules to coordinate.

  5. My parents and most of my extended family is pretty familiar with me reading instead of hanging out. As a kid, I always had two or three books with me and would spend most of family gatherings on a couch reading.

    I agree with charley though, I’d love to find some friends who didn’t mind just hanging out to read. My roommates and I used to do our homework together, which was fun because when you needed a little break you had someone to talk to. Reading is sort of the same way.

  6. My family is fine with reading together–but I have a hard time with it because I keep thinking of things to talk about and setting down the book. That’s where knitting comes in handy!

  7. Reading is a natural in my family, so it’s not unusual for us all to be sitting together, reading our own books, when my parents visit. My in-laws are a different story, they like to have TV on and talk over it; I try to read something lighter (or magazines) when they’re in town.

    I’m sure they think it a bit rude when I bring the laptop in to blog a bit …

    1. I can’t help it; I walk by the room with the PC and think, I’ll just quickly check my email. then my blog, then twitter, then 2 hours later “HEY CARE! WHAT YA DOING?”

  8. My family will kill me if I read a book instead of chatting and just lazing around. They just don’t get it, they might even go as far as calling me a snob 🙂

    It’s great that you have some time for yourself and to read.

    Oh and yes, congrats Michelle 🙂

  9. Usually, they’re “rude to read”. I have a story from when I was 21 and a newlywed:

    My husband and I spent Christmas Eve in Tulsa at his parents’ house. One of us got a book of collected poetry. We drove all Christmas Day to Kansas City to do the rest of the holiday at my grandmother’s house. My parents were there as well.

    One evening, they settled down for evening chat, which was a little boring, so my husband and I didn’t join them. Instead we sprawled on the bed in the room where we were staying and took turns reading poems to each other. (I know..it sounds a little cutesy, eh?)

    Grammie went by to go to the can and when she came back, she asked what we were doing…My husband was in the middle of a poem so he showed her the book. A few minutes later, I heard her in the living room talking to my parents saying we were back there reading poetry. Then she whined about how rude my mom’s “kids” were.

    My mom went effing ballistic. She raced down the hall and came into the bedroom and yelled at us for being rude and selfish. “You NEVER go to someone’s house and stay in the bedroom and read poetry!” She made poetry sound much worse. She marched us out to the living room, but there wasn’t much chat. My husband was stunned, I was nearly in tears, and mom and grammie were glaring and making pointed and sneery remarks the rest of the evening.

    For the next few years, we did Christmas at his folks’ house.

  10. We don’t host a lot of family at our house because we all live like 10 miles from one another, but I’m pretty sure it would be frowned upon to read while I was supposed to be entertaining. I’ll sometimes read when we are all at the beach together and I sort of feel guilty (like I’m ignoring people). It wouldn’t bother me at all, but everyone is different.

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