July Recap

I read 9, NINE! books in July!   Almost 3000 pages!   Actual count was 2986.

I am hosting family and have been showing off Massachusetts and Rhode Island so I have time to read but not much time to blog.   This will continue for a few more weeks.

Will check in with you all when I can.   Happy August.

Niece and Me Reading On the Boat
Niece and Me Reading On the Boat

19 thoughts on “July Recap

    1. Lu, you’ve got a boat, too?! You are the one that inspired me to take a “I’m reading” photo what with your idea to have a feature on places. 🙂

  1. Haha, I want to join you too! You look like you’re having such a nice time! It’s been a meh summer over here. I don’t really like heat, but I could do with going to the porch in the evening without having to wear a sweater in AUGUST.

  2. You’re definitely on a roll! The trig book . . . I might be posting in the wrong spot, but it sounded so good. Sorry it was disappointing. We never used our Trig for Dummies. It turned out the kiddo doesn’t have to retake it and there were all sorts of flaky conflicts, so he’s taking advanced algebra, chem2 and physics, instead – all good stuff. He said he’s still going to try to work on Trig in his free time and then take it in college. Works for me. I wish you were here to do Trig with him, though. I’m sure you’d teach him well.

    Have fun on your boat (looks like you are — kinda jealous!!).

    1. Nancy, I know! I was so excited – turns out I was TOO excited. I do recommend the Trig for Dummies workbook – it’s quite good and easy-organized AND a bit of silly humor (just enough) I’ll email you the few problems I’ve discovered however that have incorrect equations compared to the answers… Honestly, we are half way through and I’m reminded that a LOT of trig is memorization and plug-n-play. The trick, of course, is to KNOW what memorized formula to apply when. Math truly can be a beautiful thing.

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