I Heart Trig!

I only hope to amuse you, you know, right?     Of course, my loving Trigonometry is part of motivating myself up to be excited for my being employed as a Trig tutor this summer.     I’m woefully unprepared – but then, I always think I’m woefully unprepared, so I’m not all that upset with myself.

What I really want to share here is that I have in my hands a book that appears to me to be quite funny.    Funny, as in ‘ha ha!’ and not funny=weird.     Well, OK, maybe funny=weird.   Allow me:


From the back of the book, “A complete, easy-to-grasp course in trigonometry that takes the form of a fantasy novel.”

Did you catch that?   “fantasy novel.”

Go ahead.  Think about it.

Are you not laughing!??!?!    I have yet to open this but it’s my homework for tonight.   (I have tutor session tomorrow….)

Anyway.   Knowing that a few of you, my wonderful readers, are fans of fantasy fiction, I just had to tell you this!

Fair enough – back to your own books and your own blogs.   Have a nice day (and may any math you encounter be in your favor…)


15 thoughts on “I Heart Trig!

  1. That is hiliarious! Not to reveal myself as too much of a nerd, but I do actually love trig. It was one of the few math classes that actually made sense to me. Enjoy time hosting your family!!

  2. Wow…that sort of reminds me of a book I had Annie read a while back…A Gebra Named Al (at least, I think that was the title)…it sounds much the same except it was about algebra (which I’m sure you already had figured out). Hope you enjoy it!

    1. Want to know more of my geek side? I once wrote a kids’ books called “How to Trap a Zoid”. I’ll be looking for the AL book, too funny

  3. Ha, I can’t wait to see what you think of it! As for me it is much too late for me to like trigonometry. My trig teacher in high school was this really nice, completely unrufflable older man who looked exactly like a chocolate Teddy Graham; but either he wasn’t a good teacher or (more likely!) I wasn’t a good learner. I had a D in that class at one point, v. shattering to my A-student self-esteem. 😛

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