Mailbox Monday

Yippee!  The doorbell JUST NOW rang, Oscar went beserk, I opened the door and the UPS guy handed me a box from B&N.

I now have this in my hands:   tdtwealbh

The Day the World Ended at Little Bighorn by Joseph M Marshall III.    This is for my book club meeting on the last day of the month.  It has 245 pages and I might be thinking have been WARNED that I will be glad it is not 500+ pages…

And, this one I am EXTREMELY EXCITED for:   lnmesjm

Last Night in Montreal by Emily St. John Mandel, which is getting rave reviews.

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18 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday

  1. They look good!

    I have not received any books by mail this week, but I think I´ll survive. I came home from Scotland with 13 new (or rather used) crime novels two days ago.

  2. GT – what a beautiful poem!

    Kathy – I know! I’ve read some amazing reviews of this and it looks great.

    Dorte – uh oh, that’s a lot of books. enjoy! Are they all in English?

  3. Oh yes! So much better than borrowing them in Danish from my library 😀
    There are some Scottish, English, American and Australian books so they should be read in English.

  4. Oh, I hadn’t heard of The Day the World Ended at Little Bighorn before, but I just went and read a little about it. It sounds like a book I’d love! I hope you end up enjoying it! And either way, I can’t wait to hear what you think.

  5. My border collie Raimi has come to an agreement with the mailman – if mailman doesn’t ring the bell, Raimi will not try to eat him.

    I think I may have to check out Last Night In Montreal – I’ve been hearing so much good talk about it at work.

  6. @Dorte – You didn’t ‘borrow’ these from the cottage you were staying at, did you? I bet you found a quaint little bookstore, no?

    @KGMom – Thank YOU for contributing to my book-blog-habit. It’s so fun to find a new blog and realize we have been moving in different circles. Now, I’ve already forgotten how I found you – we have to have some blogger overlap, right? I can’t help you on time to read – just join on in the TMBTLT club (too many books; too little time)

    @Joanne – oh, I’m just sure that Oscar and Raimi would be fast friends. I’ve been telling O that UPS stands for United Puppy Snatchers and you really have to wonder if he knows it – he HATES the UPS guy! FedEx guy, too. But doesn’t mind our mail carrier.

    @Anna – Yea, I’m not sure abt the Little Bighorn one yet. I don’t want to do into it thinking I’ll not like it, but the rumor is out there already.

    @Belle – did you read Violet’s review, too? It’s the one that sold me.

    @@Emily St. John Mandel – I’m thinking I will. I peeped in on the twitter club last night but didn’t want to *know* too much. I had hopes of reading this before then but just didn’t happen. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    @Beastmomma – I love mail. I love packages.

    @Melody – Thanks, I always appreciate positive feedback.

    @Violet – Yours is the review that encouraged me to tbr this according to my notes. and Nancy the BookFool’s review, too.

    @Serena – Happy monday, I mean TUESDAY to you! I can’t say I agree on that cover but I really am not that into covers, generally. It seems too busy. It does fit, though and has nice colors.

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