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Weekly Geeks 2009-26

Time for Weekly Geeks once again!   This week’s theme is to find out where in the world is your reading?    I’m not doing too badly as a world traveler and hope to start working on some new parts of the world for the World Citizen Challenge.    I’m in France right now; only about 40 pages to go of Chocolat by Joanne Harris and it is a lot deeper and thought-provoking than I expected.

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I missed checking the Russia box!   I know I read a Martin Amis book set there.    I could be wrong about the exact African countries – I admit to being not up to who/what/where there.     And I think I will first go ask Maree if she will recommend a book set in Australia.    Wait!  I did read something about a glass castle with the name Lucinda in it which was also a movie starring Cate Blanchett, I believe.     But that was years ago.

I prefer pi.


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