Must Do (for me, anyway)

I want to send my Mass-friend Dawn a big SHOUT OUT and a request to send her a little letter-love.

She is walking in the Boston Three-Day Walk of 60 miles to raise money and raise awareness for breast cancer research.     Read about it here.   Send her $$, letters, happy cheering thoughts.    I am sure she would appreciate any or all of these…

I have a very good friend who walked this event in Chicago many years ago and walked in honor of her mother.    I am getting choked up just thinking about her shy phone call to me when she asked me to sponsor her ‘for even just $5.00’  and I gave…  a bit more.     I think this event is amazing and I’m in awe of those who walk.    My friend said it was an amazing experience.

That’s all for now.    I’m off to write my happy letter to Dawn now.    I’m even going to mail it from Warwick Rhode Island!