Wondrous Word Wednesdays

Thank you to Kathy at BermudaOnion for hosting this meme!   


From Popular Music from Vittula by Mikael Niemi

page 109 – tarn        “… in a rich broth tasting of sweat and forests, with circles of fat on the surface like rings made by nibbling char in a tarn one breezeless summer’s night.”          a mountain lake (especially one formed by glaciers)

p. 123 – tetchily    “Grandad maintained tetchily that electricity was the most ridiculous invention ever to come from southern Sweden, it pampered and spoild man and beast alike…”        in an ill-natured manner

p. 156 – pastille    “… how he would wipe the spit from his moustache, which he used to trim with nail scissors, and then slip his son a throat pastille.”    cough drop: a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat

p. 158 – tyro   “There were many tyro alcoholics who had seen the light and ad every break preached the gospel according to 40-percent proof; where one had trodden, others were keen to follow in his footsteps.”     novice: someone new to a field or activity

p. 181 – viscid   “Blood was flowing freely, red and viscid, his eyes swelled and closed.”   gluey: having the sticky properties of an adhesive

But wait!   There’s MORE!!

I must also share my favorite part of the book.   It was the section when Dad had his heart to heart with our narrator.   In the sauna, of course.    He covers all the big topics but this paragraph was too funny:

The most dangerous thing of all, and something he wanted to warn me about above all else, the one thing that had consigned whole regiments of unfortunate young people to the twilight world of insanity, was reading books.   This objectionable practice had increased among the younger generation, and Dad was more pleased than he could say to note that I had not yet displayed any such tendencies.   Lunatic asylums were overflowing with folk who’d been reading too much.   Once straightforward, cheerful and well balanced.   Then they’d started reading.   Most often by chance.   A bout of flu perhaps, worth a few days in bed.  An attractive book cover that had aroused some curiosity.  And suddenly the bad habit had taken hold.  The first book had led to another.  Then another, and another, all links in a chain that led straight down into the eternal night of mental illness.  It was impossible to stop.   It was worse than drugs.

I’m hosting a giveaway of this book, please click on my post for few of my thoughts on Popular Music, a link to a great review, and contest details.

3 thoughts on “Wondrous Word Wednesdays

  1. I love tyro and tetchily! If I can figure out how to pronounce tetchily I might be able to use it. Thanks for playing along today!

    Tetchily is a fun word, isn’t it. Thank you for hosting this!

  2. I like “tarn” a lot. “Tyro” is very nice too.

    And lol…yep, worse than drugs 😛 But way more healthy and productive, at least!

    I love when I post a review mentioning YOU and then find you were HERE at the same time. 🙂
    Don’t you think the term ‘twilight world of insanity’ sounds like a book blog title!?

  3. I have a fairly good vocabulary but you hit me with some new ones here. I only knew one of them–pastilles. I love the quote from the book. I feel guilty for not reading like I used to. When I was younger I would read at least 2 books a week. I have to quit watching reality shows and start reading. You are a very good influence on me.

    Joan! I was just thinking about you!! and was about to wander over to your blog to see the updates. I wanted to give you notice about writing workshops I know are on the island, offered by Nancy Slonim Aronie – you would LOVE her and her class.

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