Update 1 (Two 1/2 Hours In)

One of the hardest things about Read-A-Thon is knowing what time it is! 

I just got back from yoga, read 1o pages of Pillars of the Earth – I am SO EXCITED that I finished a book last night so I can track pages read easily…

I am not quite ready to commit body to chair and fingers to keyboard and thoughts to cheering but I hope to read a few pages, do a mini-challenge and comment here and there every so often, so you might see me around.

Congrats to everyone getting off to a great start.   Steady does it.   Drink a health beverage, allow to get absorbed into a story, don’t watch the clock and have some fun.

TTFN = ta ta for now!

Pages Read:  10
Blogs Commented:  Chris, Anna, BiblioMom, Violet
Mini-Challenges: none yet.


7 thoughts on “Update 1 (Two 1/2 Hours In)

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