Typing Skills Diminished

All sorts of excuses could be listed for what feels like an avoidance of time spent on my PC which translates into boring posts or lack, failure to respond to comments, failure of leaving comments on other blogs, and basic annoying whining.   Be glad you can’t hear me right now.

I was peeling a turnip that was too soft and resisting my efforts and somehow, I shaved off a bit of the tip of a finger and it hurts!   Which means that I’m typing this by hunting and pecking keys which is slow, full of errors requiring correction and so I’m planning on NOT doing more than this post until I get all ten digits to work together in a more painless manner.

I am reading your posts!   and I will be back after this “Hey – it’s Spring!   I’m going outside!”  sabbatical away from the PC.


19 thoughts on “Typing Skills Diminished

  1. Awwww-I hope your finger heals quickly, Care. :/ My mom was saying just the other day how she always hurts herself when she’s peeling veggies.

    Your mom is cool. It’s now finally allowing me to type without too much bother.

  2. OUCH!!! Hope it heals quickly…we miss you!

    Wish it felt like spring here. It’s supposed to snow a bit today.

    Thanks Debi! You miss me? I’ve gotten a LOT of book reading done, which has been nice. Today was sunny but too cold for how much I want Spring to really spring.

  3. O goodness…i hope your typing fingers get back to normal soon…a friend of mine sliced the tip of her finger off with a mandolin…while slicing potatoes…her hubby did warn her the thing was sharp.

    OUCH! I’m such a baby – this was barely much more than a scratch, really, but in just the right place to make the ‘e’ and ‘d’ keys painful to press. Your poor friend!

  4. Vasilly

    Awww. I hope it heals quickly. It feels like spring here also. Enjoy yourself.

    Thanks! I’m impatient to catch the blogging bug again – I’ve missed everyone.

  5. Ouch! Yet another reason why cooking should be avoided. 🙂

    Yes! let’s go OUT to eat! (I was cooking the St Pat’s dinner extravaganza… Turned out pretty good, actually.

  6. Owww. That sounds painful! Take care and no typing or cooking adventures until you are healed 🙂

    Right. It was (painful), I did take care, and I have enjoyed my respite from typing and cooking – but I’m back now!

  7. My sister never fails to grate her finger whenever she uses the grater. You and she would get along well!

    Cool – and I suggest we go OUT to eat rather than risk staying in.

  8. Oh, no!!! Poor finger! Take a few days off and heal, Care. We can cope, I think. 🙂

    You’ll be fine. I am quite amazed at all the responses I’ve received to this sad post! I just shipped off the book to you; media-mail so it might take a week or two or more?

  9. Owwie-ouchies! Do hope your finger is better soon, Care, and that you enjoy the first taste of spring – it is lovely to have slightly better weather!

    I do enjoy the spring season – enjoy your break, too!

  10. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeouch! Been there, done that (I have a fairly healthy fear of all sharp objects these days, too). Hope you heal up quickly and live to peel another day. 😉

    Thanks – it’s gonna live to peel and type again.

  11. Ouch! Hope you can still read and cook!!! Get better!

    Actually, my hub is an excellent cook. I AM getting a ton of pages turned, though I’m behind on my monthly goal.

  12. I hope that your finger feels better soon! I have been away from blogging for a bit as well, but my excuse is not as painful physically as yours!!! Enjoy spring and I hope that you heal soon.

    Hey! are you back from India!? Did you get all the goodies you were shopping for? I’ll be by your blog to find out…

  13. Hope it heals up quickly, thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m going to go check out a few more of your posts.

    I like your taste in music! Stop by anytime.

  14. Stupid turnip! It hurts so bad when you cut your fingers because they are the second most sensitive parts of the body – guess which body part comes in first – lol 🙂 Hope your finger feels better soon!

    Hmmmm, let me think…. Thank you for the good wishes.

  15. OH, no! Sorry to hear of this annoying and painful injury. Get better and when you do, I want to hear all about that new boat!

    We just had a good survey/inspection; now have to wait on some basic spring boat maintenance and putting the boat in the water for the sea trial and… Hopefully 2-3 weeks and we’ll be new boat owners! We’re very excited.

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