N is the Letter

Trish at Hey Lady!  has assigned me with the N letter to entertain you today.   Here we go!


Ten things/words/statements that start with the letter “N”.

1.   Noon – time to eat!   Break time, that time of day we differentiate between morning and afternoon.

2.  Nachos – Unfortunately, I think the place is out of business, but my favorite nachos in the world were found at a bar in Downer’s Grove, IL called Rosy O’Grady’s in the year 1988.     We compare all nachos to this mystical memory of chips, cheese, sour cream, salsa, etc…    Actually, we have a lot of memories of great food at awesome restaurants from those days we lived pre-marriage in the suburbs of Chicago.

3.  Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.   One of the most interesting books I read in 2008.

4.  Nice.    I aspire to always be nice.    “It’s nice to be nice to the nice.”  – Major Frank Burns, M.A.S.H

5.  NORTH.   North Star, North Church, North America

6. Nude, naked, nekkid…    I would most definitely go to a Nude Beach if someone dared me or if  the opportunity presents itself.   

7.   Narcissism, Narcissus – the adjective, the Greek god?, the flower he turned into when he fell into the pool while admiring his own awsome self.

8.  Neuromancer by Wm Gibson and North Dallas Forty by Peter Gent – two books with titles that start with the letter N that are currently in my tbr stack on the floor in the corner of my ‘office’.   I don’t seem to have any books by authors whose names start with N.

9.  “Negotiation is irrelevant, resistance is futile.”   Star Trek!   The BORG.  (shudder)

10.  Namby Pamby.    I was flipping through the N section of the dictionary for interesting words to use today and found some word history associated with this phrase.   I thought you might enjoy it, too, since it’s book-related and this is supposed to be a book blog!

Apparently in the 18th century, a Mr. Ambrose Philips wrote a few poems that a few other writers, Alexander Pope and Henry Carey, decided to make fun of and created this term as a play on the name Ambrose.   Carey’s poem by Namby Pamby was wildly popular as  a nursery rhyme of nonsense.   The term is often used as an adjective to describe weak, insipid, sentimental and maudlin verse.     Wikipedia gives even more information. 

A quote with no N letter words from Ambrose Philips:   Studious of ease, and fond of humble things.” 

Runner ups:   Nebraska (my hub is from NE), New England, Naps (I do love to take a nap every so often), Nothing.

Anyone want to play along?     Just say YES!  I WANT A LETTER PLEASE! in the comments and I’ll assign one.   


13 thoughts on “N is the Letter

  1. It’s so fun that you included naked. My hubby used to work with a guy who frequented nudist camps (or whatever you call them) and he kept giving my hubby literature to give to me in case we wanted to go too. It was too weird. I got P from Trish and should have my post up tomorrow.

    ew, now I have to clarify that if somebody creepy invites me to a nudist beach, I will have to insist that hubby-dear goes with me. I think I could talk him into it.

  2. I think I could have listed Nachos in all 10 slots! Which is part of the reason no one would want to see me at a nude beach. 😉

    Oh, Debi, you are too funny.

  3. Love your list! My mom loves nachos too; when we go to the movies, she always gets them with that weird fake cheese and pickled jalepenos. hehe

    I’d go to an all-women’s nudist beach in a heart beat. But, quite frankly, I don’t think I could handle seeing so many men’s business hanging out. :p (I mean, I’m straight, but I think men tend to look best with at least *some* coverage. In non-bedroom situations.)

    Your mom is great! and I agree that men aren’t all that ‘pretty’ perhaps but I do support equal treatment… Just don’t look, silly!

  4. Your #6 was HIlarious. Priceless. Oh, dear, I’m still laughing.

    @Eva – you’re so right. Men do look better with coverage.

    Thanks Trish, this letter is a tough one! I’m glad I could make you laugh and it was only fitting I mentioned NAKED since you mentioned the ultimate O word…

    and I guess I agree with everyone about the covering issue…

  5. I love bloggers. You guys are all so funny! Care, that was fun reading! I’ve already asked someone else for a letter, but if she doesn’t come through I’ll return.

    Let me know! I’ll save you one of my favorite letters…

  6. This was one of the most diverse and educational and amusing one of these letter posts I’ve seen! Thanks! It was fun to read!

    Wow, Jenners! Really? aw, shucks, you are nice to say…

  7. Wow, Never Let Me Go made it to your “N” list. I love that book!

    Yes, I want a letter please 🙂

    I was trying to keep this book related! and I’m reading another Ishiguro so it’s on my mind… I’m emailing you a letter.

  8. What a wonderful post 🙂
    So good to see I am not the only one who nearly pulls my hair out once in a while because my stupid computer (or stupid programme or stupid blog etc) doesn´t get what I want to do!!!
    I can use pictures on my blog but often in a take-it-or-leave-it fashion so the result is not always as elegant and aesthetic as I would like it to be.
    Perhaps that is exactly why this weekly geeks was a good challenge for me?

    This reminds me of a quote: You are only given what you can handle. Something like that – anyway, without all these challenges, we wouldn’t learn as much, right?

  9. LOLOL I love it!! Nekkid.. LOL That would not have made my list!!

    Chicken. I know I just read a post somewhere about how being naken is actually a stress reliever…

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