only for fun!

I have lurked at this site for a long time and I just must help her in her quest to be FOUND…

Visit BookBabie if you like Robert Downey, Jr.

(I am never at a loss for posting ideas – I usually just end up self-editing with a big red pen and NOT posting any of them.   Here goes nothing.)

If you love the Academy Awards, if you HATE the Academy Awards, if you are ambivalent towards what they say are OSCAR-worthy films, just comment and let me know.

If you saw Tropic Thunder, let me know.

If you love reading books that inspire the films…    tell me your FAVORITE movie based on a book.

and a have a HAPPY DAY!

(Oscars on Feb 22nd.   I wish you could come to my house to view the big night but ONLY JIMMI is invited.   Sorry.)

10 thoughts on “only for fun!

  1. I saw Tropic Thunder and loved the parts with Tom Cruise. It redeemed him for me.

    I love the Oscars.

    My favorite movie based upon a book is Gone With the Wind. Not original, but I must remain true to myself.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word! Hmm, favorite movie based on a book… I often don’t like the movies since they have to cut so much out of the story, Bridget Jone’s Diary was funny in both forms, and I liked A Beautiful Mind, and of course To Kill a Mockingbird in the oldie category:)

  3. I haven’t seen Tropic Thunder, but I want to.

    Cannot stand the Oscars.

    Seeing good book-film adaptations is awesome. Here are some of my favorites (ones that I loved both movie & book)
    – Alice in Wonderland
    – Heart of Darkness (book) Apocalypse Now (film)
    – American Psycho
    – A Clockwork Orange
    – Fight Club
    – Outsiders
    – Trainspotting
    – Fear And Loathing

  4. (:::She marks the subscribe box:::)
    Tropic Thunder is actually one of the few movies I saw in the theater this year, for no reason but that it was the best thing that was playing at any of the theaters that served pizza and beer on the night my boys had a sleepover at a friend’s house, and hubby and I are picky that way. Anyhow: I hated the first 10 minutes but overall I thought it was a good spoof.

    Also, for the record, I never call my husband “hubby” except on the internet. Or the hubster, either. Or dh.

  5. Yay- by jove, I’ve got it! I filled in my url on my profile box – it should be working now.
    Oh, and about the Oscars? I love the show. It evolves and it’f fun to see how it does but there’s magic in that HOllywood night … hmmm. best book to film …. GONE WITH THE WIND, perhaps. How about this – bad book to decent enough film (thank you, Meryl Streep – and the winner is THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.

    YEA OH! Great movie recommendations, indeed.

  6. I always think I’ll like the Academy Awards but when they start announcing the nominees I realize that I haven’t seen any of the worthwhile movies from the previous year and wonder what on earth I DID see. Every. Single. Year.
    I’m going to see Slumdog Millionaire tonight to possibly break the cycle!

    I’m doing poorly myself on seeing as many oscar nom’d movies that I can. I have had one amazing year that I saw EVERY movie in the major categories. I was obsessed. I love the spectacle and the debates and the fun of it all.

  7. Shawshank Redemption all the way! I read that over and over again, and saw the movie eleventeen billion times, too. 🙂

    You would likely enjoy the episode of The Directors I just saw abt the guy who make Shawshank and The Green Mile. On REEL channel, I think.

  8. I visited your friend’s blog and left her a comment. That was great. It made me fall in love with Robert Downey Jr. even more. I loved him back before all his troubles and I’m thrilled that he is making a comeback and got himself together. Did you see “Iron Man”? He just made that film and was so cute and sexy.

    And yes I saw “Tropic Thunder.” Twice … went first by myself and then made my husband go. I thought it was hilarious. Of course, Mr. Downey was my favorite part … though loved the Tom Cruise stuff too!!! Made me like him so much more. I still crack up over the fake films in the beginning. I hope he wins the Oscar…but I’m guessing it will got to Mr. Ledger (who should have had it for Brokeback Mountain.)

    Re: book into movie: I tend to like the books better than the movies but I remember loving “Room with a View” the movie and the book equally. And I liked “Lord of the Rings” movies better than the books.

    We are a LOT alike! I would say ‘me, too!’ to most of your comment – except that I didn’t see TT twice. I do enjoy going to movies by myself, tho. People think I’m strange but who cares.

  9. I’m pretty ambivalent about the Oscars – I’ll watch if I happen to remember that they’re on, but I don’t go out of my way to do it. 🙂 I loved Tropic Thunder, though. It was so funny!

    I try to keep books and movies separate in my mind. Whichever one I see/read first is the one I tend to think of as the “original,” and anything else can’t compare. In general, though, movies don’t compare to whatever I can imagine as I’m reading.

    I note the date of the Academy Awards on my calendar and watch every second. I respect how you can separate the books and movies – they should be considered different ways to tell a story, yes?

  10. I love Robert Downey, Jr., but I don’t follow anything TV/movie related. And Tropic Thunder? I know I should want to watch it, but I don’t. Not even with RDJ.

    That’s OK. I usually avoid the raunchy silly movies, especially the Ben Stiller films. I do not care for him. But this one was funny.

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