My Books for the Science Challenge

OOPS!   I just found a post draft that was almost complete except for all the linking, so here it is, finally!


Books to Read: 3
Website:     Science-Book Challenge 2009

Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2009
Other Great Lists to Consider: Eva, Debi  (I thought Debi was the one who prepared an awesome list of suggestions but I can’t find it…  Too much time has past?  I’m not creative in my searching?   Her blog is here, if you know the link, pls comment!  Thx, C)

Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World by Simon Garfield 2002, 242 pages.    mauve
Awhile back, I was flipping through TV channels and stopped on a documentary talking about the origins of color dyes. I was fascinated and, unfortunately, I failed to write down any details other than this: “argaman – ancient hebrew name for purple.” Purple is my favorite color. When this challenge was presented, I knew that I wanted to find a book on the science of color and this one on mauve is the one I’m choosing. But wait! there’s more!! I found out about an event – a field trip! – to add to my color challenge: The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod will be presenting an art show this month called ROYGBIV: Exploring the Color Spectrum.  Sounds like fun, yes?

This book might also qualify for the World Citizen Challenge.

The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean totbso My review here.

I loved the movie Adaptation which is loosely (did I mention ‘loosely’?) based on this book.   Don’t worry – I think I’m aware of the differences and I have been wanting to read this for a long time.    I’m excited that this book which has been on the tbr wishlist for so long will be perfect for this challenge.   This book will also qualify for my Lit Flicks Challenge.

Einstein:  The Life and Times by Ronald W. Clark  einstein 1972, 878 pages

I started this in 2008 and it stalled.   I’ll just pick it back up and read from where I left off.

A Spring Without Bees:  How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply by Michael Schacker withoutbees1 2008, 304 pages.

I’m interested in the mystery of the declining population of honeybees.

4 thoughts on “My Books for the Science Challenge

  1. Was the documentary in coordination with Victoria Finlay at all perhaps?

    She wrote a book called “Color” in which she traveled the world learning how various colors and dyes were discovered through history. She focuses only on the main colors of the rainbow (adding in Ocher and Indigo). Really interesting read you might want to check out.

    Thank you, I will. I don’t remember much from that documentary other than how secret the dye recipes were and how some are still undiscovered.

  2. I think Debi’s list is on her challenge blog instead of her regular one. 🙂

    Thank you! I’ll run right over.

    The chem book I read this month-Napoleon’s Buttons-talked about the mauve invention.

    Nifty! I enjoyed your review of that.

  3. Ooh I have that book, Mauve. I’ve had it for years too and just haven’t gotten around to it. It does sound fascinating doesn’t it?

    Good luck with your challenge and enjoy your books!

    Thanks Iliana! I’ll let you know when I get Mauve inhouse and we can start it together?

  4. So interested in the book about bees, so will be looking forward to your review! Switzerland has a real problem with their honeybee populations and I’ve been learning a bit about that over the last few months – alot of the farmers in my village keep bees.

    It’s a romantic profession, isn’t it? As a realtor, I once showed a house that had a bee box – or whatever they all it. Right in a regular neighborhood which astounded me. Maybe it kept the kids out of the yard?

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