Not a Review: Twilight

OK, I’ve read it.   I set out to make 2009 a non-vampire year and then this book fell into my lap.   Not even one month in and I blew the anti-challenge!   oh well.    And the ‘giver’ requested I get it back to her because another neighbor wants it next.   She’s trying to talk her husband into reading it, too.   (really?!  ok, whatever.   Actually, that’s cool.   I won’t be suggesting this to mine…)

ttssb Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

* *

I’m giving it TWO STARS for “It’s OK.”

To go over what I want my stars of rating to mean:
* = I didn’t like it.
** = It’s OK.
*** = I liked it.
**** = I really liked it!
***** = WOW! I LOVED LOVED loved it very much!!!!!

And even a one star book, might not be horrible trash, just that I didn’t care for it much.    A NO-Star book would be something I just can’t endorse or recommend.     I will also state all books I Did Not Finish as DNF and I may or not rate til the DNF page/time.  I can’t decide…   Do you rate your DNFs?

There can be many DNF reasons as to why I had to give up on something that have nothing to do with quality of story or writing or whatever.   Most always it’s just a mood-fit issue.

Let’s move on, shall we?


11 thoughts on “Not a Review: Twilight

  1. As far as DNFs…I no longer have any. It has been about 3-4 years ago that I made myself a promise that no matter how much I loather a book or find it boring, I will always always always finish it. I have even gone back and read one last year that I didn’t finish many years ago. I will not however go back & read House of the Seven Gables. I fell asleep four times trying to get out of the 1st chapter. Oh well.

    Good for you! I go back and forth. I sometimes think it’s just bad form to not finish a book and then I think, life is too short! I’ve never tried to read House of 7 Gables… It’s funny abt how many books I can name off the top of my head that I attempted and failed but many books I have no idea if I read them or what they were about!

  2. “It’s OK.” yup that pretty much sums up my thoughts too. I’m still trying to figure out why people are going crazy about this series 😕

    I used to always finish a book, even if I gritted my teeth the whole way. But now I chuck it, unless I think it’s just a ‘not the right time’ book. I haven’t reviewed a DNF and I don’t think I will in the future – I’d feel like I was being unfair writing about something I hadn’t fully read. I mean who knows, some of my DNFs might have gotten awesome just after I gave up.

    I know I was biased against it no matter how hard I tried to have an open mind. I just knew too much and read too many reviews. I was willing to read it many years in the future – more cuz I am curious what the thoughts on this book will be in 5/10 years…

  3. Ugh still no calls for substituting! How’s it going for you?? Wednesday is the first day I can officially get called because exam weeks are over, so that’s something to look forward to 🙂

    Good luck! I didn’t get called last week, nor today. And tomorrow is a prof dev day so no school for the kids thus no work for me.

  4. OK, so maybe you fell off the anti-challenge wagon. But you can still get back on!!!!!!!!!!!

    Repeat after me: No. More. Vampires.

    Pretend Twilight doesn’t count because her vampires are sparkly.

    LOL! Ok, let me try… “No. More. Vampires. No.More.Vampires.” Yep, I think it’s working.

  5. I liked this one a lot, but I’ve never felt compelled to move on. I think it was just the right moment but I knew that it was still not my thing, if that makes sense.

    I meant that I am ready to ‘move on AWAY’ from Twilight and now don’t have to worry about if/when I’ll ever read it. So, no, I’m not moving on to the next one in the series…

  6. I generally do not rate my DNF’s. In fact I don’t rate any of the books i read. I am incapable of giving the correct stars. If I can, I don’t review books i don’t finish.

    Good call. I’m not going to rate my DNFs and may or may not even discuss them.

  7. Thank you for being another person who is not all crazy about this book. I liked it, not loved it. Am not sure it lived up to the hype around it. I much more thoroughly enjoyed Harry Potter and felt that one lived up to its hype.

    I still have to read the last two books in the series but am not in any rush.

    I think I read one of the HPs – I’m not even certain it was the first one, but probably. I really dislike series books because I feel it they monopolize my time and I have too many books to cross off my wish lists. I suppose it’s silly, but that’s my current modus operandi.

  8. I must have enjoyed this more than you, but then again I have a thing for vampire and werewolf novels.

    I honestly can’t think of any vampire books – no wait, I read an Anne Rice book once a loooong time ago. That’s cool – you DO read a wide variety!

  9. Not going to read it. Ever. And I haven’t had a DNF in a long time. Most of mine are DNS because I give them up on the first 5 pages.

    GOOD for you! DNS – It took me a second, but I got it. I’ve got a few DNS’s I hope to pick up again… most of my DNF’s are around here somewhere.

  10. I am so sick of hearing about this book but feel that I must read it for myself. I’m finally getting a copy from someone who agreed to swap for something else (I really didn’t want to buy it). And I love your star system … I think I might have to adopt it if that would be OK with you … or try to come up with something similar. I’ve used “letter grades” in the past but seems so much like school so maybe this will work. I think I need to work on this aspect of my book blog.

    I wrestle with my rating system. I either over inflate or feel bad about not liking something I think I should. Thankfully, I really don’t owe anyone an explanation, I guess. maybe.

  11. Silver Starr

    WHAT?! No you guys…. I properly love the Twilight series… Im addicted I could not put it down and had to move to the next book immediatley until I was completley done. I so got into the characters… I was Bella in the book… I felt her fear, her loss…. can’t belive you only gave it two stars! xxx

    My Dear Silver Starr, I’m very happy for you that you are enjoying these books, really I am. And I also believe that if you love something, by all means, do so ‘properly’. Keep reading!

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