Read this!   I think it is awesome…

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA…           (<==click this!)

in my opinion;  what do you think?      And, if you didn’t CLICK on that link, let me explain it’s an idea of what to say when you can’t think of what right thing to say in a comment to a blog post…   It’s like an invitation to not lurk, or to delurk.  Whatever,   

Rock on!   Tiddlypom, Baby!  oh yea.

PS.   The referenced Teeni is a good friend of mine.


10 thoughts on “Tiddlypom

  1. I don’t usually have any trouble coming up with something to say. It’s a bit of a personal flaw, I guess. But, hey, tiddlypom sounds like as good as anything for those rare speechless moments.

    Some blogs impress me so much, I can’t think of a thing to type. Or I just want them to know I read it… (I fixed this plural moment typo. OK?)

  2. TP is short for something else in my house!! LOL

    And, congratulations! You have won a prize for being my 1500th comment! woo hoo! WAHOO! I don’t yet know what the prize is but I have your snailmail address so who knows – you might get a surprise in your mailbox someday soon.

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