Fifteen Days Into January

You probably don’t need me to tell you that it is day 15 of the new year.   However, I’m aghast at what has happened to my reading since the last page of the 2008 calendar was torn off, crumpled into a ball and thrown into the rubbish.

I have (or should I admit to the past tense of that possessive and say HAD) such high hopes to post all my challenge buttons in the sidebar and on a dedicated page, to list the books for those challenges, and last but not least, actually READ something.

I am ashamed to admit that I have completed my first book of the year.

First.   Meaning ONE.   Singular.   Within 15 days.

I have DNF’d one; I just wasn’t in the mood!   It was not a horrible experience*, I just kept finding most anything to do besides pick it up and continue once closed and set on my nightstand.

Alas, this is hardly a good start to this year’s goal to read 100 books.

* I put down Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope. I realized, that after 5 days of ignoring it, that maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for politics** right now.     This was the large print version that I purchased with gift money, with the intent on adding it to the library of the nursing home where I volunteer.   Since I wasn’t reading it – and it’s so close to the inauguration – I decided it best to give it to my friends rather than let it collect dust and remind me of my reading slothiness.

Besides, so many exciting thrilling fascinating books have been in line and two of them are due at the library in one week.   I’ve GOTTA get busy!

**  I’m such a bad American…


17 thoughts on “Fifteen Days Into January

  1. I love Barack, but I totally understand being tired of politics. I’ve had both his books sitting here for weeks and haven’t touched either one. I will eventually. Just not now. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll get back on track!


    OH, Thanks Lezlie for the encouragement! The book is still on my list. I know where it is, so to say.

  2. Oops! I forgot to mention what the first book was that I read! Anne of Green Gables, just so you know. Almost about as far from today’s politics I could get.

  3. My reading hasn’t started off with the bang I was hoping for either. You could always sneak a few novellas in to pump up your numbers. 😉

    Great idea; my nieghbor is going to try and find her copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe – I think it’s short.

  4. I love that you intentionally bought a large print edition so that your book would be a useful donation to a nursing home’s library. Good on you!

    Yes, sort of. I knew I was going to buy a book for them when they gave me the gift card. A serendipitous re-gifting.

  5. You should be excited that you finished your first read of 2009!!! We all go through reading ups and downs, and Anne of Green Gables is an *awesome* book (I hope you actually agree with that, lol).

    And I’m almost never in the mood for domestic politics, so I haven’t even tried to pick up The Audacity of Hope. So you’re a better American than me! 😉

    Yes, I agree with your assessment of awesomeness.

  6. Does it make you feel any better to know you’re not alone? I had this unspoken (until now) goal of two books a week this year. At just two weeks in, I’m already falling behind.

    How incredibly cool of you to buy that book in large print so you could donate it to the nursing home?!! That is such a fabulous idea!

    Well, they gave me a gift card as a thank you for my volunteering so I just gave it right back to them in the form of a new book!

  7. alirambles

    I hope you enjoyed Anne of Green Gables! I think it’s ok to slow down your reading at certain times…and I don’t make reading goals (number-wise) for myself for that reason. That said: graphic novels go super fast. Have you read Persepolis yet?

    My guilt thing is my writing. Doing ok on the blog-front but my book hasn’t been clamoring for my attention and I fear I’ll run out of steam and end up relinquishing it to the drawer instead of polishing it how it needs to be before sending it out to be rejected by dozens of agents (and possibly, just possibly, accepted by one?).

    I would be glad to review/edit your works… ??? I bet it’s good. Hmmmm.

  8. Don’t feel bad, Care…we all go through reading slumps.

    And you know what else would bump your numbers? Comics aka graphic novels 😛

    Ooops, I’ve just noticed that the above commenter said the same. See, it’s good advice!

    Very good advice. Persepolis is in the house!

  9. lena

    Don’t feel discouraged by your first fifteen days! You can still make 100! 🙂

    Anne of Green Gables seems like a really fun book to start off the year with!

    Anne is a delightful, isn’t she?!

  10. UGH, January is an awful time, I seem to hit a reading slump in January almost every year. I’m just not inspired right now. I blame the cold weather. 😉

    and it is very cold here. 15 degrees or something bone-chilling.

  11. I bet you could use an easy quick read to get you back into the swing of things!

    If you want a nice short book you can fly through, I recommend The School of Essential Ingredients- 240 pages and not super deep- just nice and easy- it’s a foodie book that is.. what’s the word? Comforting, I guess. Another quick read is a YA book I read a couple weeks ago called Life As We Knew It. It’s been out awhile so probably is available at the library.

    Good luck getting over the slump hump!

    Thank you Lisa, thanks for the suggestion. comfort-food-good, huh?

  12. Oh i have already managed to finish 5 books, not bragging coz this is totally new to me, I should be in your position right now. But don’t worry. Some months are not so good reading wise…

    Congrats on 5 books! I was just at the bookstore and picked up The Empress something book you just reviewed. Last Empress, I think. Anyway. I thought of you!

  13. I have finished one book, but I read 80% of it in 2008, so…I’m not exactly off to a roaring start either.

    I read Why Courage Matters by John McCain (before he became embarrassing to watch in his campaigning) and felt like a bad American for not liking it. I would like to read Barack’s books one of these days as well.

    I’m thankful for freedom of expression that we can read or not what we want and say what we want about it all.

  14. I’m too busy playing World of Warcraft to worry about reading, so don’t feel bad! Yes, you are a BAD American for not finishing the Obama book. I’m worse than you are, because I don’t plan on ever reading it or any other political book for the rest of my life. We should be exiled to the American equivalent of Siberia. I wonder where that is…

    Shame on us!? The American equivalent of Siberia just might be western North Dakota. But that’s just me. And I know and love some folks from ND but I’m not sure I could live there…

  15. I am struggling myself so far this year, mainly because I have been driving to work instead of going on the train which is where I usually read. Whilst my total read doesn’t sound too bad, (4 books), in reality two of those were carry overs from last year, and one of the other two was a really short, light and fluffy read.

    Reading and driving don’t mix very well. Four books is good no matter what kind they are!

  16. I played my Nintendo DS for about two days straight instead of reading, spent a day crocheting, and more days than I can count just watching tv to start out 2009, so don’t feel bad! I’ve started and stopped four books so far, but finally found a memoir/travel essay that I am enjoying. You’ll find something soon 🙂

    I am 100 pages in on The Orchid Thief! I can’t help but visuallize Chris Cooper as I read about the guy…

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