Dewey Challenge


I’ve been wanting to commit to the Dewey Challenge ever since it was announced.   I hesitated, wanting to find the RIGHT books, a theme to link them somehow, as well as cross-referencing any titles that may currently be one of the 100+ that are patiently listed on my wishlist.

Dewey had six years of reviews!   If there was a way to search them, I didn’t find it.

At first, I wanted to only select titles from reviews she posted in June of each year.   But I only could access 3 of the years.    So, I put it aside and got back to reading rather than reading about what to read.  You know:  blogging time, research time vs. time with nose-stuck-in-a-book.    I had to finish a book by midnight Dec 31, so I read.

Now, it’s already nearing a week into the new year and I need to commit to at least five.     Here goes!

Anne of Green Gables / Lucy Maud Montgomery – I missed this classic growing up.

Help?  When I go to bookmooch for this, I’m presented with too many many options – and many say ‘abridged’ – do I want this version or do I want the original?    If your opinion is that I should just go to the library – I’m assuming that they must have this in stock (do you say ‘in stock’ for a library?) then feel free to share that, too.   I’ll be at the library tomorrow picking up something I can’t remember already – Byatt’s Possession on audio, I think).     Any advice on how to select the true copy I should want on bookmooch would be appreciated.   Do you find it overwhelming when this happens?   Am I asking too many questions?   Have a happy day.


Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines and/or Paper Towns – John Green (I still remember the one word that Dewey posted for Paper Towns:  “Wow.”)

Persepolis / Marjane Satrapi

The Virgin Blue / Tracy Chevalier (Based on this being the first book on the Challenge Review blog that I hadn’t yet read!  Thank you, Kailana. )

and, I want to add The Sea by John Banville, however, I don’t know if Dewey ever read this.   She did review (and I won from her) Christine Falls by Benjamin Black (Banville’s pseudonym).    I will always think of Dewey when I think of this author, so this will be my private little tribute.