Review The Road 

Review  theroad The Road by Cormac McCarthy

I enjoyed this as an enthralling read;  I was captivated and held spellbound to the very last word.

First, spoilers anyone?    Some books are better the less you know.   I know I have liked better many a book that I had zero inkling what was going to happen.  I prefer it.   I am not one to read the end first.    AND, if you know anything already about this book, it’s probably that it is about a man and a boy who travel on a road trying to survive after some catastrophic event on the planet.      The author doesn’t tell you more than that, either. So, my point is, I don’t think anything I write here will give anything away.

Second, let’s discuss the idea of liking books that have dark subject matter.  This could actually be debated as a hopeful book, one of love and devotion.    However, the scenery and situation these humans must deal with for the entire story – start to finish – can only be described as bleak.    Hunger, horrible air quality, wet and cold.   Lack of food, lack of shelter, threat of violence at every turn.   No sunlight!  No birds chirping in the trees…

Yet, the devotion and love between father and son is fiercely remarkable and carries this book along in a very touching way.    You couldn’t call this book sentimental but I certainly am in wanting to tell you about it!

I won this book from Blake as part of the Lit Flick Challenge.    I had been wanting to read this so I was quite excited to win.  [My second McCarthy book;  I read No Country For Old Men (I ‘enjoyed’ this, too.   It’s another with scary horrible subject matter, though.)]     I took it along on my Thanksgiving Trip back home and one big reason was that I assumed that such a sad story would remind me of all we have to be grateful for.   I was not wrong.    I am spoiled and only need to walk to the fridge to find a heavenly bounty of food.    My dilemma is often what to eat NOW – so many choices!   and yet some people have to hunt and scrape and hope and pray to find even a rotten apple.     I have the basic needs covered.    The characters in The Road do not.

Four stars.   Cormac McCarthy can tell a story.    I may not ‘like’ the story and the situations described, but I have to respect his talent for how he tells it.

I have a ton of vocabulary words, too…    I think I’ll do that later.


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I just a couple of weeks ago received a book from Dewey as a winner for one of her giveaways.    I am positive that this author will forevermore remind me of Dewey.   And that’s just kind of cool.