Weekly Geek Week TWENTY TWO

For the who/what/where/when/etc, please visit Dewey here.

My first visit to a blog I had never visited before was Kristian and Rachel’s American Bibliophile.     (Rachel reads and writes and wears cool shades.   Kristian judges books by the cover but this works for her, so who am I to judge!)   However, I can’t tell – or I’m missing it?  – who is writing what posts?     Lots of stuff here, readings all over the genre maps and good short posts about books, reading, and whatever.   A great mix of stuff.

For my next visit, I chose to linger here because of the blog’s title;  I love words.    And I’m in love with the header:   Worducopia : I love fountain pens, too!   My favorite post was this one and it happens to be (at the time of this writing) the most recent.  go figure!    In good Geek-Spirit, I had to investigate further and find out if we have similar reading tastes…     We do and we don’t.  I couldn’t find anything we’ve both read, at least recently.    But I love her writing style and I’ll be back for more.     And she loves nonfiction.     This is an excellent post:   Memoirs.

Blondie Rocket over at Reading Comes From Writing has a great post that really highlights her reading style – I got a good glimpse what kind of reader she is before I ever read a review.   The one review that inspired me the most to add the book to my tbr was this one:   A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of A Boy Soldier. I like that she really mixes up genres – nonfiction, light mystery, recent releases, etc.

Nice to meet ya Everyone!   Happy Weekly Geek and Happy Halloween Week, too.