Review: Montana 1948

 Weekly Geek Week Seventeen Quote-A-Day,  Thursday Edition, from Recent Readings…

Young people are supposed to be the impatient ones, but in most circumstances they can outwait their elders.

another one?

My mother feared for my soul, a phrase that sounds to me now comically overblown, yet I remember that those were precisely the words she used.

     Montana 1948  by Larry Watson

Winner of the Milkweed National Fiction Prize, 1993

I enjoyed this very much..   The pacing cannot have been more perfect.   The character development was spot on.   The story was riveting.

What’s It About?
A history teacher looks back on a pivotal time in his life in Montana.   Family matters, you could call it.   Some of the big tragedies in life – go ahead, name a few – this book probably has it.   And yet it’s almost a quiet book, told through the memories of a twelve year old boy.   What happened to people he loved by other people he loved and how it changed absolutely everything.     And most notably, his view of what life is and how it contrasts to the history lessons you discuss in class.    

A small book in page size (thus fewer words per page) AND in length (175 pages), this novel packs a wallop.

Other Reviews
   Trish at Hey Lady!   (who just won MOST CHATTY!  btw, CONGRATS, m’dear – I voted for you…)   I just visited this post again and see that others didn’t find it as worthwhile a read…   this intrigues me.

   Both Eyes Book Club – she mentions the setting; yes, very important.   I immediately gave this book to my husband thinking he would find it a good read, too.


4 thoughts on “Review: Montana 1948

  1. I think this is the best review you’ve ever written. Just my opinion. And not because you voted for me, which I totally appreciate! 🙂 But really, an excellent review.

  2. I love that second quote. I disagree with the first one, though. At least in my case, I’ve seriously mellowed with age. I was *hyper* when I was young. So were my kids . . . one mellowed, one is a little freaky and hyper, still.

  3. @Trish – you crack me up! and THANKS for the compliment.

    @Nancy, if you read this book? you will ‘get’ the second quote. It might need the context. I think I agree with him – no matter how hyper kids can be these days, sometimes, they have powers beyond adult comprehension. If that makes any sense whatsoever. wHo aM I tO saY!?

  4. The author is speaking here in San Luis Obispo next week as part of Cal Poly’s (our state college) Week of Welcome. They do a SLO Reads thing every year in conjunction with the school’s week of welcome for new student. Except the SLO Reads thing is never publicized and I always find out too late (or I’m out of town), so I have yet to participate.
    So, all that to say…I’m not going.

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