Graphic Novels

I have so many thoughts to post and I really REALLY  must get back to Geek Love but had a quick minute to post something…

I have the pleasure of visiting a nursing home and really it’s a residence;   sometimes, it reminds me of a college dorm – always stuff going on!   activities and field trips and – let’s just say, this is the kind of place I would feel fortunate having as my ‘last’ address.

That said, I’m delighted to be teaching a few residents about Personal Computers; specifically, setting them up for email.   


A few of the ladies are showing interest but do not have anyone to email with.   (breaks my heart.)

Ready?   I am asking anyone who would like to be a PEN PAL (or is it a keyboard pal?) for some of my star pupils?   It’s just a glimmer of a faint idea – it may not pan out.    It is a real challenge to use the mouse and the keyboard and I need to give them some motivation, ya know? 

So I thought about all my blogger friends?!   who might want to ‘meet’ some dear sweeties and just converse about anything – pictures of where they live, perhaps, your pets?   EVERYONE LOVEs ANIMALS.  

(It’s likely that I will end up doing all the typing and thinking of what to write, but hey – I said it was just the START of an idea….)

SO, let me know with a comment if this interests you.

OH!!!   I titled this ‘Graphic Novels’!   Better say something on that, huh?    One of the residents is named Ken and today he showed me his ‘drawings’.    I was flabbergasted with his talent and charm!    He had created a graphic novel (and he was all impressed with having this CONCEPT explained)  – – about how he had lost his wallet, with pictures of his bureau turned upside down, him attempting to sweep under the bed, etc.  And then, Anna – one of the nursing aides, was depicted as an angel who sweeps in and finds the wallet to save the day.   It was precious.   He was thrilled that I praised it so and I’m still thinking about his talent!   

Anyway, had to share.


9 thoughts on “Graphic Novels

  1. That is a wonderful idea! I’d love to help out: xjessideex AT hmail DOT com

    Jessi, Thank you! I’ve altered your email address here so that you may avoid some spammation… I’ll be in contact soon!

  2. That is heart-breaking! My personal (vs. blog) e-mail is adifferentopera AT gmail DOT com.

    oh Eva, you’re a doll. and I love your new glasses! thanks for this – I’ll be sending an email as this possibly progresses… I only meet with them weekly so this won’t be an OFTEN thing.

  3. I love this idea. I have been kicking around the idea of starting a book club at the nursing home in my neighborhood, but I would love to e-mail as well.

    Yea Nicole! I attempted a “Silver” bookclub but they were TOO BUSY! I still have one dear friend that when I visit, all we do is talk books. I loaned her my Never Let Me Go and I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of it. She just finished Pillars of the Earth and I so want to read this.

  4. I’ll help out, too. susanbybee AT yahoo DOT com. Maybe I could yammer a bit about living in Korea, the wild cultural differences. Do you think anyone would be interested?

    Thanks Bybee! Yes, yammering will be just fine.

  5. Why not? I have books, and cats, and surely I could keep someone entertained. Well, hopefully.
    My e-mail address is:
    maree_jane30 AT hotmail DOT com 🙂

    Thanks Maree! It’ll be slow to get going so be patient! I’m prepping the prep email now.

  6. What a wonderful idea. I’d love a penpal — you can give someone sadoatcakes [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Thanks Christine! I’m going to be sending you an email soon. Watch for it. My training sessions are Wednesdays but sometimes they don’t always show, ya know. so – don’t forget. I’ll be in touch.

  7. What a lovely lovely idea. If you are interested in one more, please count me in.

    My id: elizascott2005 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in

    THANK YOU. I am having a bit of difficulty in this – I hope I didn’t get over eager with the idea. It will be awhile but I’ll be in touch and I just may have a few pen pals but I only seem to get every other tutee every other week. Does that make sense? these poor ladies! They only get to their emails when I’m there and if they miss the session, then it’s months almost between emails. sigh.

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