Graphic Novels

I have so many thoughts to post and I really REALLY  must get back to Geek Love but had a quick minute to post something…

I have the pleasure of visiting a nursing home and really it’s a residence;   sometimes, it reminds me of a college dorm – always stuff going on!   activities and field trips and – let’s just say, this is the kind of place I would feel fortunate having as my ‘last’ address.

That said, I’m delighted to be teaching a few residents about Personal Computers; specifically, setting them up for email.   


A few of the ladies are showing interest but do not have anyone to email with.   (breaks my heart.)

Ready?   I am asking anyone who would like to be a PEN PAL (or is it a keyboard pal?) for some of my star pupils?   It’s just a glimmer of a faint idea – it may not pan out.    It is a real challenge to use the mouse and the keyboard and I need to give them some motivation, ya know? 

So I thought about all my blogger friends?!   who might want to ‘meet’ some dear sweeties and just converse about anything – pictures of where they live, perhaps, your pets?   EVERYONE LOVEs ANIMALS.  

(It’s likely that I will end up doing all the typing and thinking of what to write, but hey – I said it was just the START of an idea….)

SO, let me know with a comment if this interests you.

OH!!!   I titled this ‘Graphic Novels’!   Better say something on that, huh?    One of the residents is named Ken and today he showed me his ‘drawings’.    I was flabbergasted with his talent and charm!    He had created a graphic novel (and he was all impressed with having this CONCEPT explained)  – – about how he had lost his wallet, with pictures of his bureau turned upside down, him attempting to sweep under the bed, etc.  And then, Anna – one of the nursing aides, was depicted as an angel who sweeps in and finds the wallet to save the day.   It was precious.   He was thrilled that I praised it so and I’m still thinking about his talent!   

Anyway, had to share.