Just a Boring Update

howdy – I was able to read only 40 pages more yesterday of the Oscar Wao book…    I also peeked at the Geek Love book and had to stop before I got pulled in.  and then!   Lisa sent me the Queen of the Road memoir by Doreen Orion and I’m a third of the way done.

Which reminds me why I shouldn’t try and read more than one book at a time.   I get confused and feel disloyal and then can’t decide which to read next and so I don’t read any.    I STOP and turn on the TV instead.   (I watched 3 movies last Sunday – hey, how did it get to be Friday already!?)

But right now, we have prime sunshine – the rain and gloom is gone.   SO I am grabbing my new sunglasses/reading glasses, putting on the bikini and laying out in the backyard with my Oscar book. 

I’ve just completed the sister’s viewpoint and now into the part where the third dude (POV?) is talking about the mom.     I don’t think I’ll get done for Sunday’s book club and have other plans anyway so – oh well!

Have a good weekend, y’all – I’m readin’ & sunnin’,

Yours truly, Care

One thought on “Just a Boring Update

  1. That’s not boring. Boring is me here at work. Which is why I’m stealthily reading and commenting on blogs.
    Enjoy your book and the sunshine!

    Hi Jill! I’ve been reading your posts on the sly and have yet to comment too much – thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

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