The Page 69 Test

Julie aka Bookworm offered a new way to decide on a next book to read.    If you like what you read on page 69, you’ll likely enjoy the whole thing!

I wanted to put this to the test.   I finally got to the library (actually, I went yesterday before realizing they are closed on Mondays…) and now have The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz and also, Geek Love by Katherin Dunn.

[not that I want to type in the WHOLE page here; let me just describe the happenings, the style, the action.]

TBWLOW, p. 69:    First off, I am wondering who is going to be telling this story?  I thought it was going to be in Oscar’s voice – perhaps not.   It seems I’ve walked upon a scene of a girl kissing Oscar (it’s the girl narrating) and uh-oh.  So did her mother.   She’s in trouble now and she’s running for it!   But mom has tripped in her fury to smack her daughter, and…     YEP, this is enticing text.

GL, p. 69:  “Lily, there isn’t time!”   Hmmm, another scene involving people rushing around.   I think Lily is the mom and the colors and critters in her hair are vividly described.   There could be an invisible baby in the box but, really, I have no clue what’s going on.   But I want to know.   I’m imagining I’m up on the bunk with Elly and Iphy and who ever is narrating this tale; we are all with ‘bewildered eyes and wide befuddled mouths’.

I wish I could start Geek Love next but TBWLOW is for a book club and we are scheduled to meet August 10th.  I’m not a fast reader – I’ll have to start this next just to make sure I finish it.

Anyway, since I know I wanted to read both of these books, I now am all that more excited to.   Woo hoo!