Movie Review The Other Boleyn Girl

Movie Review  The Other Boleyn Girl  The Other Boleyn Girl  2008

Last November, I read and reviewed and rated the book by Philippa Gregory.    I only assigned it 2 1/2 stars.   (Gotta HATE it when I’m not consistent in my ratings…) I think I was bored with the length and ready for it to be DONE and thus rated it so low. Now, my memory and my feelings toward this have improved, with time. I would give it at least 3 stars.

The movie, however, barely earns two. I think it would have been even less if I had NOT read the book. A very ambitious project to keep this to two hours, thus, not enough time to develop the characters and allow the audience to embrace or have any attachment to them. It felt like the scriptwriter had to cram so much in that as a viewer who knew what was to happen, could have checked off the list, “yep, they got that in.” just to move it forward.

The book is better. If you love historical fiction, this is a GOOD read. Watch the movie ONLY to enjoy tearing it apart.

The costumes were lovely… 
Was anyone aware of the TV version of this from 2003?!   I just found out about it from   (Click for the details.)   PLEASE share if you have seen this, and/or seen both!


6 thoughts on “Movie Review The Other Boleyn Girl

  1. A few of my friends saw this movie and thought it was pretty good. Seems like it might be one of those items which creates a mixed review.

    Could be, could be.

  2. I loved the book but hated the movie-thought it was a waste of time and didn’t follow the book as well as it should have. I didn’t know about a tv version. I’ll have to look into that.

    I won’t say I hated it, but… just TOO MUCH to put into a movie, I think.

  3. I loved the book and left the movie feeling a mixture between very upset (I blogged about Henry and Anne’s first “encounter” it bothered me so much) and feeling so so about the rest of the movie. I think I need to see it again to make a complete decision. It’s hard to view it based only upon the movie itself. That book means a lot to me. It started my love for the Tudors. I am definitely going to check out the mini-series, though. I bet that’s great. There really was too much to the book to keep in a 2 hour movie.

    I’m glad I only rented it! Yes, that first encounter – how she quickly fell madly in love with the king, just like that? (snap fingers) and how quickly her hub vanished and the new guy becomes the new love? it was just too quick – like seeing the book in fast motion.

  4. I saw this movie with friends and we all had read the book. Some of the ladies really liked the movie. I was left feeling it was just okay. I definitely think it didn’t do the book justice. Especially since this is one of my favorites.

    I most definitely will read more Philippa Gregory! Have you read any others of hers? Do you recommend any?

  5. I have found the entire Philippa Gregory series about the Boleyns to be quite entertaining. When “The Tudors” came on HBO I became a fan, although the books are somewhat more accurate historically. If you are into Tudor England you probably watch the show, and know that while kind of tarted up in terms of the attractiveness factor (yeah everyone in 16th century England had perfect teeth and was smokin’ hot!)it accurately portrays some of the ambiguities and subtleties of the political, social and sexual intrigue. The movie version of TOBG was, to me, very one-dimensional: Henry was a cartoon character, Anne went from straight up B to sobbing, puzzled child, to resolute martyr with little or no character development. Scarlett Johanssen was wasted in the role of Mary…basically a saintly character with little complexity. I really didn’t care for the movie adaptation at all, much prefer the show.

    Great! Thanks! I would agree with your assessment of the movie: very flat characters.

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