Goodbye Mr Chips AND P.S. I Love You

Wow – I just ran over to my favorite Movie Info Website – the Internet Movie DataBase – and it tells me that this movie was Greer Garson‘s FIRST movie!  Louis B Mayer discovered her on a trip to England.   I don’t know why this is so cool to me, but it is.    I would be a movie fan FREAK if I allowed myself one interest only…  Like, did she appreciate everyone thinking her first name was ‘Greer’?   (She was born and named Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson; her nickname was Duchess.   I’m not sure I like that any better.   I’d have preferred Evelyn – very grand.)    She was Elizabeth in the 1940 production of Pride and Prejudice – gotta see this next!!!    I think she is lovely and smart and was well received in many of her films.    I want to see all most of them.

Anyway, back to the topic of this post.  I saw the 1939 Goodbye Mr Chips the other night and LOVED IT!    Even better than the book; they succeeded in capturing the warmth of the original written work.   At first, I wasn’t impressed with the first scenes of Chips as the very old guy but as the movie progressed and Donat aged his character, it got better.    Garson was fabulous.   

I CRIED and CRIED!   I love crying to movies.  

My book review of this is here.


Last night I watched   PS I Love You starring Hillary Swank, Gerard Butler, Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon, Kathy Bates, James Marsters, Harry Connick Jr.

I cried and cried again!  This movie was a lot better than I expected.    Based on Cecilia Ahern’s book of the same name, this is the story of a young widow receiving letters from her dead husband; others are afraid this is keeping her from moving on with her life.    Can she learn to live and love again?

This was Ms. Ahern’s first book – I have yet to read it, but promise you this:  I WILL – and it looks like from all the book press that she is on her way to a fabulous writing career.    The movie was everything I wanted it to be in a good love story, a woman finding herself, humor and wisdom combined with great fashion and more than a few good looking men.    Jeffrey Dean Morgan   [Jeffery Dean Morgan]     Hillary’s character was an unhappy real estate agent (been there, done that) and she stumbles into a career idea that combines what she loves (shoes, art) and learns to appreciate those she loves even more, especially herself.

Chick lit at its finest?   Well, I can’t say I’m an expert on that.     But I enjoyed this movie very much and I’m inspired to read the source.


11 thoughts on “Goodbye Mr Chips AND P.S. I Love You

  1. Quirky Indian

    I read Mr. Chips a long time ago, but I really liked the book. And you say the movie was good as well. Hmmmm. Must try it out. Only I’m not sure if it’ll be easy to get hold off.

    Quirky Indian

    Hello Quirky Indian! welcome. How did you find me? just curious… I sent you an e/m if you want help with the linking issue so you don’t have to type it into a comment.

  2. Quirky Indian

    Tag Surfer’s the culprit!

    KEWL! I love new visitors. Looking forward to seeing the linking work, too…

  3. Since you had such nice things to say about PS I Love You, I think I’ll pick it up next time I rent a movie. Thanks, Care!! 😀

    Howdy trishbrowning! Sometimes, a movie with low expectations of not being too good makes the movie really wonderful. Does that make sense?

  4. I’ve been wanting to see P.S. I love you. We have a ton of the books in the bookstore I work in. I don’t know if I want to read it thou.

    Hmmm, so no one is buying this book? Wasn’t she on the cover of the Book Page? I’m sure that’s where I heard about her… I’m still committing to the book. someday!

  5. Pride & Prejudice is very very 1930s Hollywood. Be prepared.

    Will there be swooning!? slow pacing and … drama? I did love the latest P&P with Kiera Knightley…

  6. I really liked the book PS I Love you. Unfortunately, Hillary Swank gives me a bit of a rash, so I haven’t rented it yet. Your review made me think I should give it a try though. I had the same problem with In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner. I really liked the book and didn’t want to see the movie because I think Cameron Diaz is annoying. BUT I was forced to see it recently when it aired on on my plane for a business trip, and I actually thought it was good! Cameron didn’t annoy me at all. I guess you never know…

    LOL! I know what you mean about Hillary Swank but this was surprisingly a good role for her. Face it, any number of actresses could have pulled this off. I read In Her Shoes just because I was in the mood to read a book to movie and yet I’ve never gotten around to seeing it. I enjoyed the book and all Weiner has written. I don’t usually read all/much by same author… too many books and I like the randomness of deciding what I read.

  7. BTW – thanks for the helpful comment on my site, I’m going to check out your recommendations today!

    No problem! Glad to help. I’m glad you stopped by, I wanted to blogroll you.

  8. I cried and cried during Mr. Chips too. I mentioned it in one of my posts, but now I can’t remember which one. Wasn’t Robert Donat superb?

    I remember that post! In fact, that is why I read this book & watched this version of the film. You are a strong influence on my reading/viewing choices. What power! and I’m easily influenced, too.

  9. I made the mistake (to my husband’s relief) of watching P.S. I Love You while he was out of town. I almost went through a whole box of Puffs w/ Lotion that evening!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jeffery Dean Morgan and Gerard Butler and Harry Connick, JR. so it was a win win win for me. If you want to see Gerard Butler looking HOT HOT HOT check out 300 and then if you want to hear him singing some more than check out the 2004 or 2005 movie version of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. He is the Phantom and my dream voice teacher if there ever was one.

    Karen! HI! My hub was out of town which is why I watched this flick, too. I’ve been netflixing quite a few movies that I know Hub won’t like and trying to view when he’s away…

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