Hour 19 Mini-Challenge!

WORD / SENTENCE Challenge! 

The prize for this challenge is from the Read-A-Thon prize box…  and it will be TWO BOOKS!    other than that, I think Hannah is in charge.   YOU HAVE TWO HOURS.     and I think Dewey is randomly picking from the entries.   

Leave a comment OR blog yourself (you’re all doing both anyway, right?!)  for one or both (or neither?) of the following:

        A – strangest new vocabulary word found during entire read-a-thon

        B – most interesting /  annoying / favorite RUN ON sentence encountered.


Have fun!   Look alive PEOPLE!  

21 thoughts on “Hour 19 Mini-Challenge!

  1. New word: “organism” in The Mammy

    Conversation between Agnes Browne and her friend, Marion:

    “You can’t say you never enjoyed it?”
    “Marion, will you get a grip! Enjoy what?”
    “You know…the organism!”
    “I never done one,” said Agnes defiantly. “I don’t think they exist.”
    “They do, I swear, Aggie. I done two.”

    Longest run-on sentence: From Five Litle Pepper and How They Grew

    “I told her ‘twould just stop Polly from ever being a musician if she broke off now–and so ‘twould, you know, yourself, Marian, for we should never get the child here again, if we let her go now; and I talked—well, I had to talk some; but, well—the upshot is I did get her, and I did bring her—and here she is!”

  2. My strangest new vocabulary word and interesting sentence all go together and they were in Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs:

    Vocab: adipocere
    [AKA] “Grave wax…fatty acids and calcium soaps from muscle or fat undergoing chemical changes, usually after long burial or immersion in water.”

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  4. Two hours from when??? I’m getting so confused with this. Can you let me know what time this challenge will end so I don’t miss it (unforutunately I’ve missed a few others already). Thanks!!

  5. I wanted to do this but I didn’t find anything 😦 Probably because I haven’t done much reading at all. Anyway, seeing what everyone else has come up with has been great!

  6. Thanks Care for getting back to me about the times!!

    Word: schlemiel – an unlucky bungler. Which leads me to bungle – to act or work clumsily and awkwardly
    **from Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! by Fannie Flagg


    My sentence is kind of lame because I’m reading a YA book and haven’t been able to find anything:
    “I dollar and six cents buys a whole Italian dinner in NOrth Beach plus a double feature at the movies or a month of swimming at Fleishhaker’s Pool or a bunch of rides on the streetcars–the dinkies, as Annie calls them.”
    ***from Al Capone Does my Shirts by Ginnifer Choldenko

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