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Weekly Geek Week EIGHT

Good luck to all WeeklyGeeklees playing this week’s scavenger hunt!   I’m going to sit this one out due to computer issues.

I suppose I could be accused of cheating a bit but I want to help anyone of you who might have opened up this blog to search for any of the scavenger hunt words.    I was getting a bit frustrated in attempting to play along with this scavenging AND update my own post.   I’m hindered by my PC being old and outmoldy, or something like that.   My cursor won’t stay where I put it and my inserting links process is a royal pain.    

You will find quite a few of the words throughout many of my posts and if you were lucky enough to be subscribed to the feeder (which I am just learning about and still a tad confused about, but THX EVA!) than you may already have access to the post this used to be before I edited it where I gave some excellent clues…

But anywhos, I have a few of the more obscure as well as the easy ones, and I wish you all good luck.   I hope to be able to play more in Week NINE and look forward to whatever challenge that may be.   I am going to go read some books now rather than sit in front of this electronic box…

If you have any idea how frustrating this moving cursor issue is, scream along with me now AAAaaaaGGGHhhhhHHHHH!!

Nefertiti Giveaway

 Stephanie of The Written Word has an EXCELLENT review of Nefertiti  by Michelle Moran and is announcing a book giveaway, too.

Question – would Angelina Jolie  make a good Epyptian Queen?

or is Liz Taylor the ultimate?

I prefer pi.


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