One More Photo: the (possible) tbr

After seeing so many tbr piles in everyone’s weeklygeek posts, I decided to round up all the books in the house that I have not read.  yet.    maybe never.    Anna Karenina is still on back burner.  (the stove isn’t even lit.)    I’m still into the Einstein but …    HEY!   Where is my A Separate Peace?!   oops – must have left it near the treadmill.   I read as a I walk my almost daily 3 miles.    I’m sure I’m missing a few other books for the pile.   I have books all over the place.  

The book closest to the floor is a Digital Photography HOW-TO.   The next up is called The Unplanned Career.   Found it at TJMaxx for $5.    Perhaps, it will fall open and inspire my next paid adventure?     Then I have Hicks’ The Law of Attraction  which I may never fully appreciate.  (uh oh.)    I won The Cure for Modern Life  by Lisa Tucker in a blogging giveaway (thanks Dewey!!!!) and on top of that is my cousin’s The Einstein Factor – another sort of self help book encouraging the reader to use more brain power. I think.   

I’ve got a Suze Orman book to show that I’m attempting financial maturity and continuing up the pile is Thunderstruck by Erik Larson.  You may recall from a post long ago, that I purchased this for my Dad for Christmas.    I just received it back as my birthday present!   (Thanks Mom&Dad.)   I want to read Devil in the White City, too, but don’t own it. 

The three topping off is Cape Cod  by William Martin which my Auntie Lil loaned me only about a couple of years ago, Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton and a Short Story collection that was from my in-laws’ auction.     Come to think of it, I have Moby Dick somewhere…    I haven’t read this classic yet, either, and was thrilled to find a handwritten draft of a review by my father-in-law tucked into the pages!    From his COLLEGE days!!!!   Too many exclamation points?

The very tip top is a GIFT CARD for Borders.   Yippee!   Again, thank you Mom & Dad!   About 40 days ago, I was memed by Lisa at Books on the Brain to write down 5 goals before my next birthday.  I only accomplished ONE of these goals.     Oh well.     Now I have ~362 days to accomplish the other FOUR by the next birthday.

So, do you think I have eclectic reading tastes, or is it just me?