Never Let Me Go

After reading the review at Chartroose’s blog (I won’t link – you all probably know it already, anyway.   She’s going to start thinking I’m stalking her and we can’t have her figuring that out, now can we?), I’m wondering how I should approach my own review of this interesting book.

Review    Never Let Me Go  by Kazuo Ishiguro

I could point you to the search in all of WordPressLand:   There are many reviews.     Please feel free to leave me a link to YOUR review if you have one.  Thanks.


I could just tell you it was amazing and let it go at that.    But, I do believe it begs discussion and I must rush over to my friend’s house and insist she read it NOW so we can talk about.      I also think you might want to NOT know too much.    For this novel, I purposely only read reviews that attempted to be vague.    So, if you are like me, don’t go read Chartroose’s ‘Review And Then Some’ until AFTER you read the book.


A few quotes to share from other bloggers:   “Disturbing but quiet.  Thoughtful but mildly strange.”   – Verbivore at Incurable Logophilia

“While the scenes are in many ways idyllic, there’s a thread of wrongness running through all of her [the narrator’s] stories, and the reader is on guard.”    Eva, A Striped Armchair


Quotes from the book,

I can recall now, as fresh as anything, Tommy’s own face, the anger receding for the moment, being replaced by an expression almost of wonder, like I was a rare butterfly he’d come across on a fencepost.     p195

“It’s too easy,” I said,”to criticise when you’re just driving by.”
“Easiest thing in the world,” Tommy said.   p228



This completes 10% of my 2008 1.0 Percent of the 1001 Challenge.    Did anyone else notice the odd drawings/characters that separated sections?    

OK, not related but I HAD to go search youtube for Judy Bridgewater!   ha.    Found this instead.    It sort of works, though.