Weekly Geek Week Three

Theme this week for Weekly Geeks Three is fond memories of childhood books.

My top memory is of The Chronicles of Narnia.   WOW – did I fall in love with these.   And I read them all, one after the other.    I think I may have even bought the little cardboard set of the paperbacks. 

I read them again a few years ago and they tended to lose just a slight touch of the magic, unfortunately, so I have discarded THOSE second set of ‘re-read memories’ and returned my original love for these precious books to my book-bank in my head.  I gave the set to my cousins kids.

I don’t remember reading The Velveteen Rabbit (my adult review of it  here), nor the Little Prince  (My review of the author’s memoir Wind Sand Stars here.).    I don’t even have reminisces about my parents reading to me!   (Mom!   please do share YOUR memories on this?)

I can tell you that my middleschool age years, once I caught that LOVE of reading, I read like no tomorrow.    I read every Agatha Christie book  [ooo!  I felt so adult!], I read the Nancy Drews and whatever those boy detective ones were.   (boys, blech)            I never read Black Beauty.     “I was much too smart to read THAT.”    I read those English veterinary book with the long titles  OH!   All Creatures Great and Small!!   James H?  herriott? ….    Later, much later…  I’m just letting whatever bubbles up, reveal itself here….    I remember being told NOT to read any Updike JOHN IRVING – “he writes trash.”   It must have been when the World According to Garp was such a hit.   ***SEE COMMENTS: BIG OOPS****  [yea, I realize this is not a kids book but things we hear AS kids stay with us sometimes beyond other things that should have – does that make ANY sense?   It is a childhood memory of a book.   I’ve still never read any Irving nor any Updike, to show you how powerful that ‘advice’ was!]   I am definitely skewing my grade school year memories with my high school years….   Oh well.    I read Danielle Steele.   Of course, Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret and a few other Blume books.    And VC Andrews…   eek!

POINT IS?  I am extremely excited about Prince Caspian the movie!    


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