Just some snippets of randomness to share this Friday…

I’ve only read 4.4% of the 1001 Books To Read Before I Die.   I think there’s more from my HS days that I just don’t want to be certain about, so it might be 4.5 or 4.6%.    

May 7 saw another high visitor count;  84 which ties the one during the book giveaway.   And I’ve had 6 spams caught, too.

I now have quite a selection of search terms gathering in the section of my dashboard and the best is ‘Past Tense of Care’.   Do you really think someone was looking just for my page called ‘Past Tense’?   Yea, me neither.    (it’s c-a-r-e-d, right?  grammar fiends?!)  

Google Reader is showing that I have 52 posts to read from some of my favorite book blogs!   Eva of A Striped Armchair is going crazy keeping us updated on her challenges.   Every time I look, her post count has increased.  I am so amazed by her energy!

I’m wondering if I should give up on A Heartbreaking Genious/Eggers for now.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy it; I’m just not getting CAUGHT into wanting to read all the time!   I want that passion back, that gripping INVOLVEMENT where I don’t want to do anything but read.    I really suspect it’s because I’m home TOO MUCH.   If that makes any sense, like the feeling that there’s just something else I should be doing even though I’m NOT doing whatever that is.    I get my best reading done when I have lots going on.  (or trapped on an airplane.)   But, with the nice weather, I have been outside, a LOT.    All day, a lot, if you know what I mean.     Sigh, this makes 3 books in a row I’ve abandoned…  for various reasons…

I may need to unplug my butt from my PC and make myself go to a library or a book cafe, just sit and READ.    OH!  And Matrimony    is on hold for me at the library!    This has been selected for PlanetBook’s latest ‘club’ read     and    Lisa of Books On the Brain has just reviewed it, too (but I have yet to read it since she has big spoiler banners waving.) That’s another blog I’m been remiss at reading fully (I’ll catch up soon, I promise)




Yesterday, I was able to visit a few shops and find just the right perky fun princessy-like gift for Amy to give her cheer.    Please see Trish for all the details.

I packaged that all up and sent if off today.   I also am sending my mother a book for Mother’s Day, Atonement.    She already knows so she can read it here without me blowing any surprises.  AND, with me posting this news here in this blog, she can also be ON-NOTICE that said package will not make it into her mailbox until mid-week, hopefully. (oops – sorry!)     I mailed a mushy card, too.   Ahhhhh!

And, what else bookish do I have to share?   I’m going broke on H.S. Graduation gifts…    One of which is a book that I wrote a post on but won’t post the post until closer to my niece’s big party so that won’t be spoiled.   I doubt she reads this anyway, even though I’ve invited her to.   What do you think?   An almost 18 yr old loggin’ on to read her Crazy Auntie Care’s Book Blog?!?!?!    Now, she’s a smart kid and all, but she’s likely not a geek…    Besides MySpace is where it’s at, so I’m told. 

Happy MOTHERS Day all you awesome Moms who read to your kids!   (you DO, don’t ya!)   and all the Moms who share the love of reading with their moms and swap books, too.   And Happy Grandmothers and Happy Aunts and Happy Moms-To-Dogs & Cats…   and Happy Step Moms and Moms To Be (soon or someday) and Happy PseudoMoms and Women and Men who do Mom-like things…  Happy Happy Everyone!   

2 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. hehe-sorry about clogging your blog reader! An enforced period of no-blogging will lead to a sudden proliferation of reviews. 🙂 I’m going shopping for Amy tomorrow, and to get a mushy card for my mom…then I’m taking her out to lunch on Sunday. Woo-hoo! It’s been five years since I’ve been home for a Mother’s Day, so I’m incredibly excited.

    Eva, don’t worry about the proliferation – I know I will read them soon and have way too many books to add to my tbr!! I also sent one of your posts (the astronomy one) to a friend I knew who would be interested –> now they think you are pretty cool, too! Have a wonderful weekend and spoil your mom, – Care

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