I Care

A few things to tend to because I CARE  (as I avoid my to do list today)…

I found a few giveaways!   So fun to win books, isn’t it?   What I like is that I don’t have to return them to the library before I’ve even started.    I have a tendency to put holds on books I want and BELIEVING the system when they say it will be 4-5 weeks before they can get it…   Uh huh.   The next day I’m told it’s in, come pick it up!   Which I do.   I don’t know why I do, but I do.

 I took this photo of a Hemlock(?) on Highland St on my walk yesterday…

To celebrate Earth Day a few days late, I share with you a post about a kid’s book geared towards protecting our planet:   Down To Earth Guide to Global Warming

To tell you about an interesting new idea from Dewey that will encourage book blogging and community, click here:  Weekly Geek Idea     A chocolate monkey might find its way to me…

And, what was the other one?    Comfort Food  book by The Written Word, I think…    Let me run over there and check…



Yep, found it.   Here’s the link:  The Written Word ‘s Comfort-Food-and-a-Giveaway

Coming soon, the Care’s Increase Your Vocabulary Through Literature Extravaganza!    a.k.a… my response to last week’s Booking Through Thursday combined with a review of House of Meetings by Martin Amis.







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