Why Do We Read?

Why do I read?   

Fun, escape, challenge, to feel like I’m being challenged, education, to create a connection to another who has also read whatever, travel without leaving my chair, gain knowledge, to catch up (not miss out!), to participate, to improve my vocabulary (ha, I feel like I look up the same words ALL THE TIME! has my brain reached its capacity in 3 syllable words?), to share experiences, to experience something without REALLY having to go through it!, to find out IF I might want to experience something?, to understand, to appreciate ART, to appreciate my world, to make sense of things, to discover…

Why do YOU read?

17 thoughts on “Why Do We Read?

  1. It’s a way of life for me. I’ve been reading for as long as I remember. I would always rather read than just about anything else…I’m also a bit antisocial, I guess. 🙂
    I love escape, learn, be challenged, feel things deeply, know a new perspective…

  2. I read for many reasons. I have always been a book worm and enjoyed the escape that a good book gives me from the real world. I like to learn and think about new ideas and outlooks on life. I also like to expand my mind with fiction as well as test my mind with topics found in non-fiction.

  3. Care, great post. I wonder if you know how many other posts you have inspired by this? Follow it around and you’ll see..

    I read because I prefer it over almost any other activity. I read to feel something. I love being moved by a book into action. While reading my mind is engaged (unlike the passiveness of tv watching!) and I’m learning something, I’m thinking, I’m predicting what will happen next, my opinions are being shaped and formed and changed. I also love being able to travel to other places and times without leaving my home. Books are great for a zillion different reasons.

  4. Great question and post! I left a reply at Dewey’s post on this question, where I followed back to you. why read? Because I have to. Like I said to her, I don’t know how I learned or when I began to read, but I think I have always been reading. I don’t remember not reading. I like your answers, which encapsulates in the quick version reasons to read, why we read: challenge, travel without leaving home, learning about another’s experience, to which I would add, seeing the world through another’s eyes, to learn. Dewey says she is sensitive to her surroundings, which has gotten me thinking – when I am overstimulated, I need to read, nothing else will do to relax that hyper part of my brain. I find reading relaxes me and restores me – just the act of reading – in a way that almost nothing else does. so I have to read. good question, and I think I will post about it on my blog tomorrow. I’ll link back here 🙂

  5. It will take me forever to tell you WHY I read…

    It started when I was a little girl…but, as I got older, it became an escape for me, from my illness and when I was in the hospital, it was a comfort. I like to do reviews to kind of give back to the author’s that helped me..


  6. I read to escape. Sometimes life is tough and it’s fun to be in someone else’s life for awhile. Plus, it’s something for me that I do for me. As a mom of two little ones, it’s rarely about me. But, reading is!

  7. What a neat post! 🙂 I’ve been catching up w/ all of your posts since my internet ran away, and all of them have put a smile on my face-I love your writing style. 😀 And the vocab post was the best!!

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