I have had this post in draft form, empty, for quite awhile now.

I can only keep saying that “I loved this book.”   

Then I saw the movie.    I keep saying, “I really liked the movie.”


I can’t seem to find any whys!    I have no words?      So this is one more ‘sort of review’. 

Just trying to clean up my drafts!     Thanks for reading.    In the meantime, until I finish On Chesil Beach, also by Ian McEwan, when I hope to give a PROPER review, please enjoy this:

It’s almost 5 minutes, but oh!  so, tender!   and HOT. 

PS – I discovered that I need to upgrade my IE or get Firefox, and that is why the trouble with linking and image/video uploading.  FYI.  In case you care.   I know you do, don’t you.

6 thoughts on “Atonement

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