Taking Advice and Thanking My Fans

I almost wrote ‘thanking my readers’ but I thought I’d try spicing it up! 

Awhile ago, I offered a GIVEAWAY.    Since I’m not a big tag user and am more of a lurker than a commentor, I don’t drive a lot of traffic here.    I have always gotten terrific advice from Lisa on how to drive more traffic, and yet, I’m hesitant and reluctant – something about the self-promotion?!??!     Let’s get all psychoanalytical and maybe neurotic?  and even question WORTHINESS?   Sure, fear.   That’s a forever-undercurrent, too.    If you knew the ‘real’ me, you would not accuse me of being shy.    Anyway.

What if somebody doesn’t like my reviews!   and (gasp!) calls me on my ignorance/laziness/mediocrity?!?!     Well, RASPBERRIES!

On that spirit, I offer an addendum to the giveaway I mentioned last week.   The one that failed to give a deadline, that offered an ‘old’ book, and certainly didn’t even ask anyone to post about it in order to get TWO chances to win…    The addendum is this:    MORE!  I’m going to offer TWO books:  The Unbearable Lightness of Being AND St Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves!     See what PlanetBooks has to say about it…

But, wait!!   There’s even MORE!    I’m going to offer a ‘LOOK’.    I have been a rep for Mary Kay Cosmetics for many a year now, and they are reshaping the compacts which means I have some ‘classic’ stock to move off my shelf.    A LOOK is a lipstick, eye shadows, blush that fit into a color compact…    However, you will have limited choice on the colors but it still makes a $50+ offering.


Everyone who has already made a comment on the first post (that means Trish, Amy, Beastmomma, Lisa and Eva)will get 2 entries to my giveaway.     From this time forward, I will only accept comments on this post for my BOOKS & A LOOK! giveaway and will offer one more entry if you post about it.    [Which means that these 5 ‘fans’ are eligible to have 4 total entries, everyone else can have up to 2.   Fair or not, it’s my giveaway…]

The deadline is next Thursday, April 3th, midnight.     Random drawing…  

I’m off on a trip to sunny California and won’t be home til mid-week, so I look forward to seeing the count when I get back.  ttfn, Care