MultiPost Day & GiveAway

To add some freshness to my ‘old’ post just prior, I offer a few quick questions.

1.   When you post a review, what source is your GO-TO for finding the cover pic to upload – assuming you do!

2.  When you read a review of a book that you’re not sure you’d ever want to read, do you    a) comment that you probably won’t read it for whatever reason,   b)  comment anything to let you know the blogger’s post was read, or   c)  try to pick something specific from the review to question or applaud?

I’m just attempting to inspire more comments!   Thanks for playing.   – Care

Oh yea, I promised a GIVEAWAY (BRIBE?):   I will give my 1984 tradeback copy of Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being to a random pick:   One entry per commentor please.

7 thoughts on “MultiPost Day & GiveAway

  1. trish

    I just go to Google Images for book cover images. Sometimes you have to type in the book name and the author, but usually just the book name will do. You have to make sure the image is the right size, though. I try to cut and paste to save time, but sometimes you have to save it down to your desktop, resize it using a photo editing program, and then upload into WordPress.

    As far as commenting on people’s posts, here’s my criteria:

    -If I’ve read the book, I’ll read their review and comment, almost no matter what.

    -If I haven’t read the book and they didn’t like it, I won’t comment and I will only skim the post.

    -If I haven’t read the book and they did like it, I will comment if it looks like something I’d like to read.

    That’s my two cents. 😀

  2. I also use google images, unless the publisher has sent me an image to use.

    I try to comment on a variety of posts, but often I read and have nothing to say.

    If I read the book and enjoyed it I’ll probably comment. If it’s a book getting a lot of buzz that I really want to read, I’ll probably say something helpful like…ooooh I really want to read that! 🙂

    If the reviewer adds personal anecdotes I can relate to, I am more likely to comment.

  3. I do not upload cover images for my book review. For comments, if there is something that I would like to respond to even if I do not like the book, I will comment. If I have read the book, I will usually comment no matter what. Otherwise, I would just silently lurk. Also, I think give aways or contests are a good way to get comments.

  4. Hi Care! I have that book, so no need to enter me into the giveaway.

    For images.. Google Images is great (what Trish said).

    Comments: I will almost always comment if it’s a book I’ve read. If it sounds great and seems like something I’d like to read, I’ll say so.

    To inspire comments, some ideas: ask a question, use more tags, comment more on other blogs, blog about something controversial, talk about current events.

    About tags: for instance, on this very post you could have used: books, reading, contests, book reviews, book covers, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, blogs.

    Good luck!

  5. I go to bookmooch, because the images are a great size. 🙂 If I have the time, I like to comment on most posts I read to let the blogger know I’m out there, but since my blogroll has expanded so much that’s become pretty much impossible. I’m more likely to comment on reviews about books that sound interesting to me.

    I’ve noticed that I get the most comments on personal posts, especially when I’m sharing something really good or really bad. Also, my shorter book reviews tend to draw more people out too! But really, I think blog age affects the amount of comments the most; as my blog got older and I formed more relationships w/ other bloggers, I got more comments.

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