Trouble with Pictures

I attempted to incorporate this photo 100_4798.jpg  into the last post but it wouldn’t be put where I wanted it put.   So, I’m creating a separate post…

I like to have a goal for a souvenir every time I travel.   Gives me something specific to shop for, a purpose, if you will.    This last trip, I hoped to find a cool chain from which to hang my reading glasses on so I wouldn’t have to keep looking for the last place I placed them!   This had been getting troublesome, of late.

 So, not only did I find the ‘chain’, I found new reading glasses!    This pic probably doesn’t do justice, but I’m enjoying these quirky, whimsical hot pink frames with 1.25+ magnification (why did I buy glasses from the Eye Doc?!)    These are really working out for me.

The chain is of small dark and muted, almost dusty, purple beads.   Nothing too bling-bling.    Nice.  


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