The Other Boleyn Girl

Historical Literature, by Philippa Gregory 

I have rated this two and one half STARS on my 3-star rating scale.    I just felt it was TOO LONG.  Not that I could have edited it down but with about 150 pages left, I was ready for the saga to be over.   I was only curious as to the charges and process the king would use to set his absolute power on the subject of ‘failed marriage’.   

Many highnotes must be sited;  I did enjoy the book and loved the prose, the language, the detail, the pace of the story….  for most of it.    I really did find myself rooting for Mary; and for Mary to have true love.

Though enjoyable,  this won’t be one of my favorites.    I will definitely read Ms Gregory’s other works.   Someday.    Actually, my very favorite part of the book was the author’s comments on how exactly she constructs her novels.    

Movie!   Feb 2008

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