Address Book

My father gave me a fabulous idea!    He uses a small address book to write down the names of authors he wants to read and lists their books.


It is his book tracking system.   I thought it clever because I have so many sheets of paper from book lists tucked here, there and everywhere.   I have more than a few memos in my Palm that lists books/authors.    I have those MS Outlook post it notes with book titles.   I have journal entries that list books I want to read someday.   Especially from the Book Section of the Sunday Paper…    Journalling is not the best method for tracking the future!

So, I found some byooootiful colorful fancy address books on a clearance table somewhere and gave them as gifts for this specific purpose.    I met friends for a Holiday Celebration dinner and we enjoyed a fun time thinking up our favorite authors and each of us writing in our new tracking system books; sharing laughing and teasing “you’ve never read any _______?!”   

So, in addition to HERE — this blog is  my newest tracking system, I also have a physicial travel-able source to use when (at the library…)  I’m away from the computer.    Like when I’m at the library and I’m overwhelmed with so many choices…   THANKS DAD!

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