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Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

Thoughts Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont by Elizabeth Taylor, The Viking Press 1971, 178 pages.   Checked out from the library – submitted for vote in my IRL book club as part of Books to Movie* Month but lost to A Single Man (please send good wishes to the universe that this is released to DVD before our next meeting because I screwed up and thought it was available – oops!)

I really enjoyed this sad yet comedic tale of an elderly lady who moves into a residence hotel so she would not be too lonely and yet have a place to live her almost last days.    While out walking, staying active and learning more about her new London neighborhood, she takes a tumble outside of a writer’s apartment;  he  kindly rescues her and calls her a taxi.   She strikes up an interesting friendship with the young man and convinces him to pretend he is her grandson so she can show him off to the other residents.    I wish I could suggest that hijinks ensue but alas, it is really just a sad tale and an admonishment that we need to value our family members.

The characterization was wonderful.    The author was excellent at creating and capturing scenes and personalities of all the characters.    I loved Mrs. Palfrey and was touched by her challenges.   In under 200 pages, we get a true sense of the loneliness and pride and idiosyncracies of everyone, young and old.          We get a sense of all the stereotypes of the expectations and realizations of aging yet are exposed to all the pains and joys of life’s various stages.    This is not a sympathetic tale but one more case of ‘it is what it is’.    But OH!   The ending!!    I will only say that I was outraged and so sad – but I didn’t cry.    I share a few favorite passages:

As she waited for prunes, Mrs. Palfrey considered the day ahead.  The morning was to be filled in quite nicely;  but the afternon and evening made a long stretch.  I must not wish my life away, she told herself; but she knew that, as she got older, she looked at her watch more often, and that it was always earlier that she had thought it would be.  When she was younger it had always been later.

She flushed, unnoticed by him, and signalled to the waiter to refill his glass.   She felt up and down about Ludo – uncertain then sure – as she had felt when, so long ago, she had fallen in love with Arthur:  in those earlier days before she had become quite sure.

She did not explain to him  how deeply pessimistic one must be in the first place, to need the sort of optimism she now had at her command.

He opened the book, but no printed page could be powerful against his sense of desolation.

The book jacket – which I read AFTER reading the book, of course – is perfect:   “With comedy and irony all the way, … desperately poignant, … emotionally rich.”     Four pieces of coconut pie.   (because I am craving coconut right now – no other reason, flaky and white and pure and you either love it or you don’t…)

SCUNNER p.19 “I’ve taken a scunner against the young.” – feeling of disgust or strong dislike.

THOLE p. 19 “She affected such Scottish words and they made her Scottish husband wince.   He could not thole them, as she would have put it.” – endure (something) without complaint or resistance; tolerate.

DESUETUDE p.130 “Pillared and porticoed now in dazzling white, and with window-boxes of public-gardens flowers of orange and beetroot red, they looked conscious of their rescue from threatened desuetude and decay, looked, for the time being most imposing.” – a state of disuse.   [I knew what it meant but it looked misspelled to me.]

PLONK p. 127 ” “It says, ‘Plonk for all who come,’” Mrs. Post read, her nervousness increased.” ” – cheap wine of inferior quality.

BICKIE p.132 ” “Bickies?” Mrs. de Salis had been to fetch some.  Mrs. Palfrey took one.  Bunty scooped up a handful.” –  some kind of cheesy cracker or biscuit.

SQUIFFY p.152 ” “I musn’t get squiffy,” Mrs. Post said, rather surprised at herself for bringing out such a modish-sounding word. ” – slightly drunk

*  The movie of the same name based on this book was released in 2005 and stars Joan Plowright.  I’m looking forward to viewing this for the Read-Book-See-Movie Challenge.



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Book Blogger Convention

I’m very excited to announce that I will be attending the Book Blogger Conference in NYC the day after Book Expo America, which happens to be in May.

AND, that I have found a book set in NY that entitles me to accept  the challenge sponsored by FizzyThoughts:   Typhoid Mary by Anthony Bourdain.


10.   NYC is  a fascinating city.

9.  NYC is where I spent a fun day with my friend JL – who is an excellent tour guide, btw.

8.  NYC is where the Book Blogger Conference is.

7.   I’m going to the BBC in May.

6.    I’ve run out of things.   I didn’t spend enough time on my one half day in NYC to know or remember or list anything else…

5.    It was a bit of a whirlwind day.

4.  We had great weather, what with it being December.

3.  Nice December in NYC during Christmas was very nice.

2.    The Charmin Bathroom was hilarious.

1.  I enjoyed it enough to know I need to go back.

So now, the to-do list creating and crossing-off to get ready for a return visit to NYC may now commence:

1.   Re-order blog-cards that show more branding (which means the PIE, yes?  but that means I have to draw a new one because the pixels aren’t right and I can’t get the file I do have to upload to the card making company…, so consider that step 1a.)

2.  Buy train tix – I’m thinking of hitting town around noon on Thursday – anyone else going to be at Penn Station about that time?

3.  Figure out non-wrinkly packable attire for this thing.   Ugh, what shoes!?   I need new shoes.

4.   Decide if I want to take my good camera or light simple easy one?

5.  Remember to turn texting on with my cellphone carrier otherwise, I expect the phone bill to exceed the hotel bill!      Have phone numbers already stored and ready.

6.  Visit other attendees blogs.    Meet my roomies online before I have to share a small space with them!!!      Too late – I’m committed and they will just have to put up with me.  (actually, I’m a great roomie:  cheerful, respectful, easy-going and I won’t hog the bathroom.)

7.  Prepare a blog post for my time away that reflects well on me.    (why does this one make me laugh?    any suggestions?!)

OOOOOoooooo!! I’m getting very excited for this.

Benny & Shrimp

Thoughts   Benny & Shrimp by Katarina Mazetti/translated by Sarah Death, Penguin Books 2009 (originally pub’d in Swedish 1998), 209 pages

MOTIVATION for READING:   I purchased this book.   The Bookies – my In-Real-Life book club – chose this for February discussion.


Who stands up for the dead?
Looks after their rights,
listens to their problems,
and waters their potted plants?

You’ll have to be on your guard!

WHAT it’s ABOUT:   Two lonely people meet and despite their contrasts in lifestyle, they begin a relationship.   Benny, age 37, is a farmer working so hard to keep his family business afloat after his parents deaths and Shrimp (real name Desirée) is a recently widowed librarian with a more modern style;   they first meet in a cemetery, on the bench near the graves they visit.   It is obvious from the start – just by looking at grave marker styles that these two will clash.   But fall in love they do and it’s a fun ride.

It’s a story of give and take.

WHAT’s GOOD:    I enjoyed the change of pace and style and humor from the recent books I’ve read – very refreshing and charming.    I finished the book (and wrote this review) on the most fitting of days – Valentine’s Day!   It’s a love story.

WHAT’s NOT so GOOD:   This certainly is not the kind of book that demands attempts at analysis (Virginia Woolf?) but it was comforting from the first few pages to realize that Mazetti will keep the tension going, the humor sparkling, the love building.      Because this is a translated book (and will assume translated well*), I did have to confront a few cultural references – and actually I’m very glad to do so and enjoy such pushes to learn about other places.   I looked up the recipes and a bunch of stuff for this review:   What is ‘ling’?  (some kind of cod dish that is traditional Holiday fare.)   Could I find the Swedish Princess Cookbook?!  nope – sad;    who is Niki de Saint Phalle?  (she’s actually French)  Can I locate a painting by Carl Larsson?

This reminds me almost of Norman Rockwell but the Arts & Crafts movement Larsson is associated with would be more reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright, perhaps?

Shrimp’s idea of what the inside of Benny’s house SHOULD be like.  p.81:   

What about poetry by Gunnar Ekelöf?    What blurbs I did find say he is Sweden’s first surrealist poet.    The little bit from the book, p. 142:

“The natural world replete with love and death around me…”

When I was struck by  the universal theme of Give & Take, I was enthusiastically grabbed by the idea and could see it in all the relationships in the book.    I felt so proud of myself and was too quick to imagine myself dazzling my Bookie friends with my insight.   HA!    Even Mazetti states this in the words of the nutty coworker, page 102:

She had no friends.  “I’ve never been interested in making any,”  she said matter-of-factly.  “It only leads to all that tiresome give and take.  You never have any freedom.”

Oh, I am having too much fun** with this…    I made a poem from the mood suggesting qualities from just one paragraph – does it work?  or was it heavy-handed?   [From page 100.]

Listless, dragged.
Hat pulled down / hands thrust deep
Climbed cautiously, came trudgingly, jumped nervously;
Put down / stood there.    Tense.

I found this image from googling "typical Swedish farmhouse"

And what happened to the cemetery beginning?   do we go back to it!?     Yes, but that would introduce a spoiler…     But that warning at the beginning should have been a better warning to me.

[Honest Revelation...   I wrote most of this post before I was done with the book and it didn't end like I expected it to.   I was afraid I would have to totally rewrite this!   but revisiting it 24 hours after the 'scene of the crime', I am glad to admit that it's OK, this post is fine.    But boy-oh-boy, was I thrown for a loop!      Now that I've had time to think it through, it's just fine...]

I really enjoyed writing this post. I am looking forward to discussing this with the gals. One more question or observation: Despite thinking at one point that once again, the heroine has the brilliant but a bit messed-up sidekick buddy (Märta  was cool), I doubt anyone would attempt to make a movie of this only because ‘they’ would cast actors TOO PRETTY and it would just miss on that account alone.  I just know they would mess it up.   Could I be wrong?  tell me if I’m right…   Surely this international bestseller would fall flat on the big screen, do you agree?

RATING:   4 PIES;  I enjoyed this one.  Do they make lingonberry pie?    Why, yes.  Yes, they do:  

* Except that Shrimp takes Benny’s truck back into town but they keep calling it a car thereafter.    I’m from the midwest – you do NOT confuse a truck with a car.  Ever.

** I should have known better.


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R is for READING! Thanks All!!

I am grateful for these things that start with the letter R



Reading Rainbows (actually, what are these exactly, Kim?)


Rest & Relaxation

Rumba Dancing!

Rodney – glendasikes hubby;   if he is anything like my hubby, he’s awesome.   :)


the color RED

Rock N Roll

Rain and Rainbows

Ribbits?    like from cute frogs that are really princes?   sure, why not.

Red-hots (truthfully, I’m not a fan of these but if they make Jill happy, they make me happy – how sappy is that?)

Ricotta cookies – or just ricotta cheese in lasagne?   I don’t know if I’ve had ricotta cookies…

Rutebagas!    oh  yes!!

Red pandas

Raspberries and Raspberry Truffles

Cinnamon ROLLS


Reuben Sandwiches (I made dinner last night while the power was off!)





If you take off the F from FRIENDS, you get Riends!   Right?     I’ve got some awesome amazing blogging buds and I appreciate you.   Thanks for all the cheer.


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Has Anyone Seen…?

Has anyone seen my sense of humor?

I really have been struggling to find the joy in life these days – maybe it is winter blahs and all those other stresses that can compound and weigh heavy on the soul that need not be named.

I’ve been overwhelmed and humorless and crabby.   If not for its meaning, I would so love the word melancholy.     (Seriously, wouldn’t MELON-HEAD be a great name for a collie?   yea, maybe not.   No offense to collie pups…)

So, as I once again feel guilty for clearing out my Google Reader and avoiding any feeling of responsibility to visit all 200+ of my favorite blogs, I reach for motivation to post.   To post something!    and I do have a ton of topics and ideas (and reviews?) to chat about — that I decide to accept Lisa’s (at Lit & Life) meme from some award she won and didn’t specifically pass on to me.

For the Over The Top Award, we are to list one word answers to the following questions.   It is helping me to move fingers over the keyboard.
(1) Your Cell Phone? silver

oh crap.    my cut and paste is only getting the first prompt!     GGggggghghhghfhhrhhrrrrr.

What to do – print it out?  No, because I don’t have print set up from my laptop and our PC that IS connected to a printer (which has no black ink – remind me to go buy some of that), do I really want to go back and forth  - no.

I’ll change my mind and do something else.   (SORRY LISA!)

Let’s do Alphabetical Gratefulness!!!

A – Apples.   I really do believe an apple a day is a terrific habit.

B – my friend Brenda that I really do not talk to enough.  uh oh, that sounds like a negative…

C – I once wrote an affirmation that had the first line of “Caring and committed, courageous and consistent…” to encourage me to be such.    I don’t remember the whole poem but it does make me smile to think of the mood I was in when I wrote it.

D – the first letter of the name of the wonderful man I married who is just the definition of awesomeness.

E – ENERGY – let’s create it and conserve it and be energized to positiveness, shall we?    I like so many E words:   enthusiasm, effect, effort, effervescence, electricity, encouragement, eccentric…

F – Food.   I’m grateful for food.

G – Neil Gaiman and his  The Graveyard Book.    Read Fizzythought’s thoughts here.    I haven’t read this yet but I dearly want to.

H – HUMOR.    I keep hearing movie The Hangover is funny, but the commercials have me dreading it.   I abhor nastiness presented as laughable matter.


J – Joy


L – Love.    and lobsters!   I love lobsters.

M – Marshmallows.

N – I’m so happy for the New Orleans Saints!

O – Onomatopoeia.   And if you like words, like I like words, I recommend Roy Blount Jr.’s Alphabet Juice.

P – Penguins.   Not necessarily the hockey team.  oh!  and PIE!!

Q – Quests.

R – (how come I can’t think of anything for this letter except the word ‘reality’?    Perhaps because reality is only our perception of what is real and thus is suspect?    I’ll come back to it…   There has to be something better than reality.     It ain’t raisins…)

S – Sunshine.

T – Trains.   I’m taking the train in May to NYC.


V – Virginia Woolf!    I’m so loving the discussions on her books this winter.

W – Water.   Where would we be without water?  I was going to just list Virginia Woolf again but water jumped into my mind right after.   Huh.

X – Xylophones?

Y – Yellow = sunshine

Z – I love names that start with the letter Z.     Zola, Zetta, Zander the cat…

Thank you, thank you.     I’ll be working on a preview post to Hunter S. Thomson’s Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 72, in case you’re curious.   and finishing To the Lighthouse by Woolf.

Now what are you grateful for that starts with the letter R?



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Green Grass Running Water

Thoughts Green Grass Running Water by Thomas King, HarperCollins 1993/HarperPerennial 2007, 431 pages

MOTIVATION for READING:   My dear friend KB recommended this as one of her favorites and I had never heard of it.   And then! Eva reviewed it with glowing ‘must-read‘ which I could have sworn was in all caps but as I link to it, I guess I must have read it in my mind in all caps.   Go figure…   How could I not read it?   I bookmooched it.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:   Well, it’s hard to explain.    Let’s see…  there are these four very old (ancient even) Indians who have escaped from their (locked) care-facility and they only seem to do so when a major catastrophe happens. At the same time, we have a story unfolding and re-folding and folding onto itself before getting restarted all over again. And there’s water, lots of water. Puddles forming and sweeping away cars. We’ve got coyotes and a narrator named “I”, and women swimming around and meeting interesting characters that merge mythology and North American history and Biblical tales and even a few literature* icons. And the story begins again. Sort of. If I’ve confused you, trust me when I say that Thomas King pulls it off with clever wit and skilled sentence, paragraph and chapter construction.

I remember being told it was funny. It’s not that it is full of jokes, but it IS comic. A subtle clever comedy that, as Eva says, it QUIRKY. It’s just delightful, really.

Wait!  There’s even more layers and overlapping! ANOTHER story line involves a Canadian Native American college professor named Alberta who wants to have a baby but would prefer not to marry either of the two guys she is dating. And few more fun characters from the reservation and we all meet up at the Sun Dance. And by ‘all’, I mean every character and story line – they collide/merge. I’m right now wondering how I kept it all straight and I’m bungling this review, but trust me again – it’s a fun ride.

WHAT’s GOOD:      The construction of the story is amazing from a technical standpoint and believe-you-me, that is not my forte to discuss. I love love love the portrayal of all the women – their strengths in times of trouble, their wisdom. The men could come off looking pretty pathetic and yet, they don’t really.  SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT AND ADMIRE!!!! Grand sweeping theme(s)?   YES.

WHAT’s not so GOOD:     As I sit here and think about this part of my review-format and not coming up with anything, I now feel I must attempt to defend my ONLY four pie slice rating. Why not FIVE? I don’t know. Just one more book that I can appreciate as masterful but won’t be able to gush obsessively as a best-I’ve-ever-read. But it could be. Throw away the silly ratings and just consider this a GREAT READ.

FINAL THOUGHTS:       I heartily recommend this and it would be a fun one to discuss for the Women Unbound Challenge, a Canadian Reads Challenge, a Mythology Challenge, a Native** American Reading Challenge, etc etc***.  Is the What’sInAName Challenge seeking titles of ‘body of water’?  Would this count for that?

RATING: with extra whipped cream.

Eva at A Striped Armchair (I’m really not trying to stalk her)

Aarti at BookLust 

sorry!  I had trouble linking to more!   Please check this search engine for more reviews…

* Softdrink!   You know with all this water, that there is a reference to Moby Dick, right??!   hee hee

** Without meaning to, I happened to read four books this year with Native American (with two Canadian) themes:     Alexie’s Absolutely True Diary…, Boyden’s Through Black Spruce, Marshall’s nonfiction Little Bighorn, and this.

*** Please enjoy the Novel Challenge blog to find all reading challenge descriptions.

Thinking of You Chartroose!


If you *know* Chartroose, leave her a comment on November 1st telling her you are thinking of her!

If you don’t know Chartroose, allow me to introduce her to you.   And then, go read her blog and leave her a comment.

Early in my book blogging adventure, I found a fun blog to read by the name of Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage! hosted by Chartroose.     I lurked for quite awhile; intimidated by the blogger’s bright quick wit and impressively deep thoughts about books, music, politics, stuff.    Every book review she posted, I wanted to read the book.

Eventually, I worked up the courage and started to comment and  she began to comment on my blog (wow!) and that fun experience of getting to know someone through books made us friends.     Ya know, that bookbloggingfriendshipthing.   Chartroose became my favorite blogger!   The one blogger I really hoped would read and comment on each and every post  -  it got to be a little scary how much of a fan I became.   I even started a Stalking Chartroose Challenge! I wanted to keep track of the books that she recommended and keep track of my progress to keep up with her.     (interestingly enough, my post on the Stalking Chartroose Challenge was posted almost exactly one year ago!!)


But she’s been on a bit of a hiatus.    I miss her and know that others have wondered where she is.

Now, we all agree that for many of us, blogging is supposed to be fun and we should be allowed to take a few breaks now and then  – we don’t OWE our readers anything, right?   Right?

So, this little project I have in mind today is NOT to guilt Chartroose into coming back to blog but to just make a peek of an appearance?    maybe?   I just want her to know that I miss her and hope she can remember the fun of yapping about books; that  sharing thoughts about books can make reading more than just a solo activity but an enjoyable community experience, too.


So now.   Some of my FAVORITE posts!

Her review of The Ha-Ha by David King.     (read her comments; she says she’s sappy and sentimental.)

“The characters in this superb novel are filled with such acute longing” – quote from review of We Disappear by Scott Heim

Unfinished book, thoughts on Social Darwinism and BRING ON THE BUTTERFLIES!

A tribute to a favorite personality Jean Shepherd

and if Chartroose has somehow won the lottery and she’s really off on some tropical island sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas and reading dammit, then maybe she can send in Gnarly Surfer Dude to do some more guest posts?

TELL ME, have you read any books rec’d by Chartroose?

Song Parody, Read-A-Ton (yes, TON) and a Big Shout Out to Softdrink, Cuz She’s COOL

If you’ve ever enjoyed The Rocky Horror Picture Show…

It’s astounding, time is fleeting
Reading takes its toll
But listen closely, not for very much longer
You’ve almost met the goal

I remember doing the Read-a-thon
During those moments when
The blackness would hit me and sleep would be calling
Let’s do the readathon again…
Let’s do the readathon again!

It’s just a book in your hand
And then a flip of the page
With your eyes on the words
You let your mind engage
But it’s the cheerleaders that really drive you insane,
Let’s do the readathon again!

Your book is dreamy, or hot and steamy
It stars a banshee, or no one at all
It’s in another dimension, there’s no comprehension
Oh no, there’s none at all
With a bit of a page flip
You’re suddenly on a space ship
And nothing can ever be the same
You’re strung out on cookies, you sound like a Wookie
Let’s do the readathon again!

Well I was strolling through the bookstore just havin’ a look
When what should I espy but my next book
It shook me up, it took me by surprise
It had a sale tag and Care gave it 5 pies. < — that’s ME!
It lured me in and I felt a change
Time meant nothing, never would again
Let’s do the readathon again!

See you all in April?







Fizzy Thoughts AKA Softdrink is the genius behind all songs rewritten to include a book- theme.      Thanks Jill! You’re incredibly awesome.   #luvjill is t



VOTE! and write letters…

It is soon and now time to vote for your favorite book blogger-extraordinaires!    Click on this –> BBAW voting <–

BBAW = Book Blogger Appreciation Week starts September 14…

Please vote.  Thank you.


Let’s talk about real life, shall we?

nah, let’s not…




Hey Care, what the heck are you trying to do here? Well, Reader, I’m not sure….    OK. let me attempt.                As I type this, I’m watching and listening to President Obama talk about Health Care – an issue I want to support:   universal health care.     I get it.   And I don’t.    oh boy…

So.    My goal is to write letters to my congresspeople, my leaders, my “MY” politicians and talk to them about what is important to me.  I encourage YOU to do the same.     I don’t intend to sway you to my point of view but only want you to not give up on the process.   Don’t say it’s fruitless and give up.   BUT ALSO!!   Don’t have a rigid opinion and hysterical response to all this crap and get nervous.    and/or, don’t ignore it.    I invite you to jump into the dialogue and get involved.   And I do this invitation to myself – I’m talking to myself here.    I invite everyone to get involved and to CARE about each and every one.

Thank you.

CARE  enough.    ah heck, I don’t know!   just                 care.




On a back to BBAW note…  THANK YOU, YOU.   Thank YOU, Dear Reader, for nominating me for most humorous blog.   Um, I apologize for letting you down, perhaps – I didn’t even REALIZE that I had been nominated because the notice to me was trapped in my spam-blocker and I didn’t see it until a few days ago (meaning that I missed the deadline to respond and send in my top 5 funny blog posts – oops!) and. WOW.   ReAlLy!! Thank you!   I don’t think I am ‘funny’ but I do have fun with my blog and whoeveritwas that nom’d me, thank you. Thank you for laughing with me and enjoying life.   YOU ROCK.    Thank you to whomeveritwas that nom’d me for best commentor (or commenter or commentator!) – it’s awesome.    Thank you.  :)

Be. BE involved, respect RESPECT and love.   Love and fear cannot occupy the same space.   Pick which you wish to have in your heart.


(and if you asked me which politician I would most want to share a beer with?   BIDEN!  for sure…    I’ll probably say so in my letter to him,, too.)

Oh, Just Lots of Stuff

My IRL Book Club — newly named as The Bookies  — met yesterday afternoon to discuss The Day the World Ended at Little Bighorn.    We enjoyed refreshing pina coladas and blackberry beer and swimming in the pool on a hot humid day talking about books we’ve been reading, hope to read, hated to read, etc.     We are all praying that the sun and heat will also be present for our next meeting so that we can, once again, enjoy Books and Beer and Pool.

We have no formal book selection format;   we just assign who will be the next person to suggest a book and either allow them to dictate the next book or to bring a few titles to vote.    For September, we’ll be reading

My Sweet Charlie by David Westheimer

This book is from 1965 and has been made into a play and a movie, but unfortunately Netflix doesn’t have it.      Anyone heard of it?     I’m just excited to see that one copy is available in the library system and BY GOLLY!!  that library is my town’s!   Awesome.   (and if any of my Bookie friends want it after me, just let me know and I’ll pass it on.)

In other news, I was so excited to see I’ve been awarded this:


The Zombie Chicken Award!   (click here to get the details) I tell you what – this really does mean a lot to me (especially since I was getting a bit obsessed with checking my email and searching #BBAW on Twitter yesterday.   sheeeeesh – get over my damn self already) and so I thank Lisa at Lit and Life very much for thinking of me and bestowing this incredible award.    I will hereby pass it on to Jodie at BookGazing, Lu at Regular Ruminations, Jenny at Jenny’s Books and Jessi at Casual Dread.   :)      I am actually very proud of my little blog – I’m doing with it exactly what I want and have no grand goals but it delights me to no end that I have readers that I respect and cherish.   Thank you so much.

Now, for my thoughts on Lost and Found lafjs by Jacqueline Sheehan, Avon Trade 2007, 304 pages.

I enjoyed this novel about a woman who in the first few pages loses her husband to a heart attack.   She is a psychologist so she is supposed to know how to deal with emotional upheavals but she finds she just doesn’t know how to grieve and live and take a year off from her job and throws herself into something else entirely.    She eventually makes friends, finds drama and allows a dog into her life who teaches her that she can learn to love again.    It was good:   three pie slices.   Of course, the dog is awesome!!!   I love dogs.

What else?

BOOK BLOGGER MEET!   I’m meeting one of my blogging buds, Beastmomma, who has recently moved to Massachusetts!    We’re going to shop a bit at IKEA on Monday and then find a nice restaurant for veggies and chat about BOOKS.   I’m very excited.       So more on that next week.


I’m off to guard my boat from big bad Hurricane Bill this weekend.   I’ll likely be unplugged – the wifi is already iffy and I bet the rain just makes it worse.   Or maybe it won’t rain?    We’ll see.   They (those weather people ‘they’) aren’t making too much of a big deal of it, so no need to be worried or anything.

To end this, how about another pic of my wonderful dog on the boat!



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